Why Are Devices Like Google Home for Disabled People Growing More Popular?

Why Are Devices Like Google Home for Disables Growing More Popular?

Often having a disability can mean that you need to adjust and adapt to how you do things every day according to whatever ailment you have. The good news is new technology is evolving to make life a little easier for those who need some extra help.

For instance, smart speakers have quickly emerged as one of the most popular forms of new technology on the market. These tools allow people from all backgrounds and of all ages to access information quickly and conveniently, without having to type a query into a smartphone or computer. 

The Benefits of Google Home for Disabled People

Google Home for disabled people offers an excellent source of support for everything home maintenance. If your smart speaker is linked to other technology around the home, you can use it to intelligently control aspects of your property. For instance, a Google Home device can connect to smart or IoT light bulbs, turning them on and off when you can’t reach a light-switch, or have already gotten out of your wheelchair to settle into bed.

Elderly individuals, people with disabilities, and anyone else lucky enough to have their own intelligent assistant can also use it to quickly gather useful information when they need it most. You can ask your smart speaker where the nearest wheelchair-accessible pharmacy is, or when your local restaurant is open until.

You can also use your smart speaker to call for help or contact a loved one when you need assistance urgently, without having to use your smartphone. Google Home and similar tools come with access to everything from intelligent thermostats, to security devices that can respond to your voice.

Benefits of SOFIHUB home

As an alternative to Google Home, solutions like the SOFIHUB home are specifically designed with disability assistance front of mind. The SOFIHUB portal is unique to SOFIHUB technology and can even allow family members or carers to access the back-end of your equipment and set reminders for you. For instance, if a person requires regular medication, the smart speaker system can remind the person of exactly when they need to take their pills. 

Tools like SOFIHUB home and Google Home are transforming the way that people live their lives, giving a sense of independence and empowerment back to people who would previously have struggled to do simple things like control their lighting or remember to take a crucial pill. With various applications and features built in to make lives easier, this new technology can instantly give people with disabilities the extra assistance that they crave. To learn more about how a smart assistant can change your life, contact SOFIHUB today!