Early Adoption of Personal Tracking Devices Needed For the Elderly in Australia

Early Adoption of Personal Tracking Devices Needed For the Elderly in Australia

Do you have a senior family member living with you in your household? 

No one wants to die young, but as age catches up, old age conditions will inevitably, begin to crop up. Alzheimer’s disease or dementia is a common age-related condition for many elderly Aussies. 

Currently, more than 342,000 Australians are living with Dementia, and this number is expected to increase to 400,000 in the next ten years. These health conditions put the lives of elderly persons at risk of serious injuries or even death.

Fortunately, the use of personal tracking devices for the elderly in Australia are helping to solve these challenges. These devices enhance care giving and monitoring activities of the elderly. This way, they reduce severe accidents and potential dangers among senior members of society. 

But why should you as an Australian implement early adoption of these tracking devices? Read on to learn more.

Tracking Devices Reduce Danger In Case of Wandering

As people become older, their memory and problem-solving abilities decline. The common name for this condition is dementia. You may have experienced caring for an elderly family member with this condition, and if so, you can probably appreciate that caring for them is hectic. 

Due to memory loss, wandering is a real danger in the elderly. Seniors with the condition can leave your household unnoticed, creating a panic as it might be challenging to locate them without any tracking devices. Also, they may not recall where they live, which makes it hard for well-wishers or first responders to assist them.   

By using personal tracking devices for the elderly in Australia, such issues become inconsequential. Tracking devices send alerts on the location of the older person, with some displaying information on the exact location using GPS technology. 

Tracking Devices Allow People with Dementia to Lead a Full Life

Everyone has some activity that they love, be it pet walking, exercising, strolling in the park, or going to the movies. 

Despite living with dementia, the elderly, much like everyone else would like to live full lives too, despite their condition.

Unfortunately, recalling their way home after an outing could pose a significant challenge. Most seniors get lost as they often head off in the wrong direction. Searching for a lost person is a mind-boggling process, more so when the person is elderly and frail. 

However, adopting personal tracking devices for the elderly in Australia solves this problem. These devices ease the tracking of your lost family member reducing potential risks while allowing them to enjoy their lives outside the home. 

Tracking Devices Promote Independence

The loss of memory calls for strict monitoring of the elderly. 

As a caregiver, you’ll need to be close to your senior family member every minute. Without this care, seniors face risks that could lead to severe injury or even death. 

Constant monitoring, although welcomed, can deny your loved one a sense of independence and also limits your freedom. This issue could affect your well being and that of the elderly family member under your care.

Fortunately, the adoption of personal tracking devices for the elderly in Australia can change this scenario for the better. With this technology, you won’t need to be at your family member’s side 24/7. As long as they’re in a safe place, you can leave them to enjoy their time alone as you concentrate on other matters. 

As an example, the SOFIHUB Beacon can issue an emergency SOS to multiple people at the touch of a button. It has global positioning and 4G technology to pinpoint your senior family members location and enable immediate voice contact through a built-in speakerphone. The device will always send you an alert in case it senses danger or if it’s disconnected, guaranteeing the ultimate peace of mind.

Tracking Devices Apply Cost-Effective GPS Services

Undoubtedly, searching for a lost older adult can be a hard task. 

This task becomes even harder when the person has dementia, which affects their memory and speech. Elderly people with dementia often cannot express themselves quickly, and can leave home without any identification, which makes it difficult for first responders to locate their family quickly.

Adopting tracking devices helps you to minimise such incidents. With the help of GPS services, personal tracking devices for the elderly in Australia can locate the lost person quickly, reducing the searching time, expense, and anxiety among family members.

Final Thoughts

The elderly in Australia are a vital part of our society and deserve first rate care. Caring for them is one of the critical roles of family members and the government.  

Unlike other members of society, you’ll need to give extra care and attention to seniors, especially those living with dementia.   

With the SOFIHUB Beacon, we can ease the caregiving process and reduce the anxiety and stress that can come with locating a senior family member that’s lost their way home. Reach out to us today for more information on our personal tracking devices for the elderly in Australia.