Rej’s Pick for Mothers Day

You might ask why is this Mother’s Day different? In the last issue I mentioned about how we are called upon to stay at home. It is quite possible that as you read this we are being encouraged to continue with those guidelines, especially as our beloved mothers and grandmothers are in the most vulnerable group. It is more likely that we may have to spend this Mother’s Day as we did the Easter, in the confines of our own homes. That makes this Mother’s Day unique.

There are many older people, fiercely independent, able and determined, adhering to the expert advice, locked up in the confines of their own dwelling. Most of them are not part of a larger facility or a retirement village. While they have the confidence, courage and determination to maintain their independence, it’s their loved ones, family members and carers who are constantly being concerned about them in this time of social distancing and isolation. What if we could address this genuine concern, without compromising the independence and privacy of those living on their own using technology?

‘SOFIHUB’ home is an ambient, assisted-living technology, designed to promote the wellbeing and independence of our beloved seniors using smart technology. Its advanced adaptive care technology gives people
of all ages and abilities the freedom and confidence to live independently. SOFIHUB does this using world class technology, time-based alerts, spoken reminders, Text-to-Voice messaging and medication reminders, without any compromise to the privacy of the data. I have picked SOFIHUB as the most innovative Mother’s Day gift this year.