Smart Home for the Elderly: Keeping the Elderly Safe in Coronavirus

Smart Home for the Elderly: Keeping the Elderly Safe in Coronavirus

Elderly persons are crucial to the wellbeing of any society. Their deep insight into life and wisdom they impart to younger members of society is irreplaceable. 

At times, offering care to the aged can be a challenge, especially in the wake of the current global COVID-19 pandemic. 

How do we ensure that our elderly parents, while adhering to social distancing guidelines? The answer is through technology, in particular, via the use of technology that creates a smart home for the elderly. 

Smart Home Monitoring Systems Are Helping in the Fight Against COVID-19

The global coronavirus pandemic has at the time of writing infected over 4.17 million people globally. 

The elderly are among the most affected. Most countries are grappling with a lack of hospital beds and facilities to cater to patients infected with the virus as well as those suffering from other ailments. Smart health monitoring systems are the solution. Patients in home isolation, especially elderly ones, can now rest easy knowing that they are still receiving care, albeit from a distance. 

These systems employ the use of technological devices, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to monitor aged persons in their homes. The application of this innovation is critical, especially in this pandemic era, where social distancing is paramount to curbing the spread of the virus. 

So, how do you transform a normal home to a smart home for the elderly? Here are some of the elements to consider:


Smart Home Sensors 


Seniors face many challenges in their day to day life. 

Due to old age, falling incidents, chest pains, joint pains, and mental distress can be common, which can make it difficult to call for help physically. 

Smart home sensors help in monitoring the behavior of a person under care and immediately send automated alerts for help.  They do this by applying machine learning and artificial intelligence in their function. 

Smart home monitoring systems usually incorporate monitoring and fall detectors. These sensors alert caregivers when they detect a fall or a possibility of a fall in an older adult who is alone. With these sensors installed care provision is automatically improved.

Systems like the SOFIHUB Home are leading the way in smart home monitoring and fall detection. 


Wearable Smart Devices


Incidences of dementia in the elderly are on the rise. As this condition involves memory loss, family members and caregivers need to monitor the movement and wellbeing of such persons under care constantly. 

Smart wearables enable caregivers to locate elderly persons at all times and in all locations. These devices connect to a designated smartphone or tablet to send out instant alerts whenever the health or security of a senior is compromised. As such, these devices, with a prime example being the SOFIHUB Beacon, make a smart home for the elderly easy to monitor giving peace of mind to both the person under care and the caregiver. 


Cognitive Systems for Motion Detection


Another crucial smart monitoring system essential for creating a smart home for the elderly is a motion detection sensor. 

These devices help to detect motion and send alerts to responsible persons, leveraging the internet of things, AI, and machine learning as well as digital assistants to detect unusual motions inside the house or home compound. These systems keep an eye on your elderly loved one at all times and send out alerts should anything deviate from the norm. Systems like the SOFIHUB Home incorporate all these functions for smarter and safer care provision. 

Final Thoughts

With the changing times, and particularly in this era of COVID-19, creating a smart home for elderly persons is not optional. Caregivers and family feel safer knowing that they can monitor and reach their elderly parents from a distance if they suffer a health incident. 

At SOFIHUB, we focus on helping you take care of the aged members of your family. We offer smart packages to enable you to convert your family members home into a smart home without challenges. If you want to bring the power of controlling and monitoring your elderly home, we are here to help you. Contact us for more information on smart home installations and setups.