How a GPS Tracker Australia Helps You Stay Safe

How a GPS Tracker Australia Helps You Stay Safe

Summer is here, so it’s natural to want to get outside and exercise. Getting out and about in a post-COVID world is essential for mental health. However, it’s just as important to be able to feel safe around the clock. A GPS tracker in Australia can help you and your kids feel safe this summer.

Whether your kids are out exploring, your family goes on a road trip, or you want to take a hike without your loved ones worried, a personal GPS device can help. This article will explore the different scenarios in which you could use a tracking device like the Sofihub secure to stay safe.

Take a Hike Worry Free

Imagine you’re taking a run through the woods and you take a wrong turn. With the Sofihub secure location history feature, your loved ones could find you easily. You can also set your hiking route ahead of time to help guide you through each hike safely.

The Sofihub secure is one of the most technologically advanced GPS trackers on the market. With a simple touch of the SOS button, your emergency contacts will be alerted to your location via an emergency text. A phone call then follows up the text, and if the first contact doesn’t answer, the next contact will be messaged and called. The device can have up to ten emergency contacts.

Travel Safely Around Australia

Are you going on a road trip soon? With 3G and 4G nationwide coverage, the Sofihub beacon works throughout Australia. Your family members can have peace of mind using the GPS tracker Australia to know your recent location. All they have to do is access the device’s data through the online portal or app.

If parents have adventurous teenagers going on a road trip, they can also use the device to know where their children are. This feature prevents parents from calling every day to check in on their kids, which could cause tension and stress.

Let Your Kids Play Safely

With the Sofihub secure GPS tracker, you can set and manage safe zones for your child. They can play at the neighbour’s house without you worrying about their whereabouts. Allowing them freedom helps kids feel independent and trusted.

Parents can also set routes, such as their child’s walk home from school. If the child strays from the path, the parent can be notified via text. All of these settings can be arranged via the Sofihub online portal.

Looking for a GPS Tracker Australia?

Jam-packed with useful features, the Sofihub secure is arguably the best GPS tracker in Australia. Customers love that it’s waterproof, has vibration alerts, an SOS feature, and is simple to use.

No matter how adventurous you and your family are, this device will help everyone stay safe 24/7. Your kids won’t have to be restricted, and you can hike or run off the grid with peace of mind. To find out more information about Sofihub’s GPS-enabled devices, JB Hi-Fi and Aidacare now sell the Sofihub secure in their stores allowing our products to be more accessible than ever.

JB Hi-Fi
The Sofihub secure is conveniently available in selected stores and all Sofihub’s products are available via JB Hi-Fi’s online store now.

Aidacare also sells Sofihub’s products in-store and online as well.