Personal Alarm Pendants For The Elderly

Personal Alarm Pendants For The Elderly

As we start to get up in age, personal alarm pendants for the elderly become more necessary. Though we don’t think about emergencies happening in our day to day life, the reality is that they’re a real possibility the older we get. We don’t want to wait until something terrible happens, such as a fall leaving a loved one incapacitated, to get a safety device.

A personal alarm such as the Sofihub beacon is a proactive solution for a future emergency. It’s equipped with plenty of safety features, is lightweight, and extra-durable to last a long time. This article will explore why you or a loved one may need a personal emergency pendant.

A Solution to the Problem You Didn’t Know You Had

Imagine you’re taking a shower and slip and fall. If you live alone, this could be a terrifying scenario in which you’re left alone without anyone to know you’re hurt. With the Sofihub beacon, there’s an immediate solution for accidents like falling in the shower.

Personal alarm pendants for the elderly are a proactive solution to a potential problem down the road. A wearable medical pendant can also be a life-saver in an emergency like a stroke or a seizure. With the single touch of an SOS button, the person’s emergency contact will immediately be notified and know that something is wrong.

Why the Sofihub Beacon?

The Sofihub beacon is arguably one of the best personal alarm pendants for the elderly. Here are some features that make the beacon top of the line:

  • SOS button and fall detection
  • Carers can see the user’s live location and location history via the online portal or app.
  • Two-way communication via the device
  • Waterproof so it can be worn in the shower and dropped in up to 1 meter of water
  • The charging cradle reminds the user to charge and wear the device, enhancing their safety.
  • The always-on device comes with a 4G sim card to keep the device connected to the portal (incurs a $25 per month recurring charge).

Get Help for Falls in the Home or Outside

Statistics show that falls happen every day in the home or outside of it. Even so, more people than not don’t have any way of contacting a loved one if this happens. Personal alarm pendants for the elderly prevent the potential situation of being left stranded after a fall.

If you have a loved one that’s getting unstable on their feet, a safety pendant could quite literally save their life. Instead of going to a nursing home, they can also continue to live independently without worrying about their safety.

Make the Difference for Those in Need

Whether you have a loved one that’s getting up in age or has a disability, a personal alarm pendant like the Sofihub beacon can improve their lives for the better. In these kinds of situations, it’s always better to be proactive and over-prepared. Don’t wait until an emergency happens to get them the safety device they need.

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