Discover Sofihub’s Personal Safety Products

Discover Sofihub’s Personal Safety Products

Raising awareness about personal safety products is vital to people’s well-being, no matter their age. Sofihub creates devices like the beacon pendant alarm that solves problems many don’t about until something terrible happens.

Although personal safety products are typically thought of for the elderly, there is a much broader range of people who can use them. For example, women out jogging can have a greater sense of security, and people living with a disability can live more independently. In this article, we’ll go over the range of safety alarms made by Sofihub and show you where to find them.

Sofihub home

With the Sofihub home, the user places a hub and eight motion sensors around the house. The device is then programmed for the regular time the user goes to bed, wakes up, and how long they usually stay in the bathroom. The home system is an excellent digital aid for someone with disabilities since it monitors for any irregular activity.

With this safety device, caretakers don’t need to be physically present to care for their loved ones. That way, the user can have more independence and go about their daily lives. However, in the event they need help, it’s there at the touch of a button. The device also gives practical spoken word reminders, such as taking medication or remembering to drink water and can be called like a mobile phone directly to allow two-way voice communication when needed.

Sofihub beacon pendant alarm

The Sofihub beacon pendant alarm was initially made for older adults seeking more independence but in reality, is something anyone can benefit from With this wearable pendant, the user does not have to worry about falling and being left injured and alone. With smart fall detection technology, the device immediately alerts the user’s emergency contacts. In the event of a fall, the device sends a text message, then follows with a two-way voice call.

This device is an excellent gift for one’s parent who’s starting to have trouble with their health. It also has spoken word reminders to remind the user to charge and wear the device

Sofihub secure

The Sofihub secure is made for outdoor adventures such as running or cycling. With the one-touch SOS emergency call button, partners or loved ones can be contacted within seconds. The initial contact sends a text message with the user’s exact location so that swift action can be taken in case of an emergency.

Wearing the beacon pendant alarm means the user has quick access to emergency contacts, and the contacts have access to them. The device works as a two-way communication device that can call and be called. For example, if someone’s partner is out jogging with the device, they can contact them to check-in.

Find a Beacon Pendant Alarm Near You

JB Hi-Fi and Aidacare now sell the Sofihub home, Sofihub beacon, and Sofihub secure in their stores allowing our products to be more accessible than ever.

JB Hi-Fi
The Sofihub beacon, secure, and home are all conveniently available in selected stores and all
Sofihub’s products are available via JB Hi-Fi’s online store now.

Aidacare also sells Sofihub’s products in-store and online as well.