How SOFIHUB Is Protecting the Medical Security of Patients in Aged Care

medical security

As many of us know, senior citizens are unfortunately at a higher risk of cyber attacks than the general population. However, at SOFIHUB we prioritise the importance of protecting our clients’ privacy and information. Aged care facilities present numerous challenges in maintaining the medical security of patient information, but SOFIHUB pro solutions work to secure the network and minimise any chances of a breach.

We know your privacy is important and we want to keep it that way. Read on to learn more about protecting senior citizens from cyber attacks and why it is important.

Why Cyber Security Matters

medical security

Whenever one is working with private information and the data of users, it is important to keep that information secured. The healthcare system has had to collaborate heavily with cybersecurity experts to keep medical records, history, and personal information protected. As hackers get smarter, businesses have to strengthen their defence systems. Medical security is important because as individuals it puts personal information at risk of being shared. It is important for organisations to strengthen their networks, to keep client information safe, and therefore keeping their reputation safe. Cybersecurity for senior citizens is an important thing to learn to protect money, property, identity, and all assets.

Ways Senior Citizens can be Cyber Secure

As we age, we tend to shy away from learning new things. However, with technology ever-changing and evolving, staying up to date with new technology and new information is more important than ever. If you are a senior citizen or have an older loved one in the family, it is important to be informed on maintaining cybersecurity and medical security.

One course of action is to enrol in a cybersecurity course. Senior citizen homes or the community may offer free classes, so be sure to check with your area to see what is available.

It is also imperative to keep software up to date. Make a point to regularly check for software updates to keep your system strong. SOFIHUB pro solutions make it easy to set regular reminders and notifications to signal it is time to check for updates.

Using strong passwords is another key piece to keeping your cybersecurity strong. Try to use passwords with no personal information and ones that include a mixture of letters, numbers, and characters. The more difficult the password, the harder it is to guess. Just be sure to write down all your passwords, so that you do not forget them.

Data back-ups will also be necessary for keeping your network secure. If you are unsure what this means, seek advice from a trusted source.

Most importantly, never respond to calls or emails that seem to be asking for too much personal information. Always be sure that you are only giving information to trusted organisations. These scams can lead to identity theft and breach of personal information.

Securing your Organisation

Healthcare organisations must be extra diligent in maintaining the medical security of their patients. Health records are full of private and personal information that should be protected at all costs. To maintain a strong reputation and maintain long-term patients, hospitals and healthcare facilities have to consider their network security. SOFIHUB pro solutions offer the perfect opportunity for any health care facility or senior citizen home to put their trust in a reliable network.

Medical security is SOFIHUB’s main priority; constantly working to keep medical records and personal information safe. The AI technology is first-in-class and adaptable enough that it can be implemented into any facility, regardless of its level of modernity. A secure network means a secured reputation.

Legal Obligations

All organisations, but especially healthcare organisations, are held to high standards in maintaining secure networks. Any healthcare organisation that is unaware of its legal responsibilities when it comes to patient records and medical security can refer to the Privacy Act of 1988. This act lays out the requirements that healthcare providers must abide by, to keep patient information protected.

These requirements must be met by public health care providers of Australia, and in many cases by private ones, as well. All practices must thoroughly document all of the practices they have implemented to protect personal patient information.

Why SOFIHUB pro solutions is the Ultimate Defense

medical security

SOFIHUB pro solutions is a flexible system that can be adapted to any facility. It can also be integrated into a current network, making it easy and accessible to any organisation. The network is secure and SOFIHUB’s greatest priority is maintaining the medical security of all clients and patients. The care-assist technology offered by SOFIHUB’s pro solutions allows for unparalleled, high-quality senior care. Not only is the care held to the highest level, but the medical security is held to just as high of a standard. Breathe easy knowing that your loved one’s health and cybersecurity are secured, when in the hands of SOFIHUB’s protected network.

When it comes to medical security and cybersecurity, every form of defence should be taken. Take the stress of your or your organisations’ shoulders and put it on SOFIHUB. We take care of securing the network so that you do not have to worry about anything. Keep the focus on your health and let SOFIHUB focus on keeping your information secure. Check out the SOFIHUB website today to learn more about cybersecurity and the risks involved for senior citizens in Australia.