eazense vs Traditional Patient Monitoring Systems: Why make the switch?

Patient monitoring systems help to improve aged care standards, but not all systems are worth your investment in time and money. 

Here at SOFIHUB, we’ve created a system called TEQ-FallsAlert which is designed to provide superior care, supervision and safety to the vulnerable in care and at home. 

If you’re considering which patient monitoring system to buy to meet and exceed aged care standards, here’s why you should give serious consideration to the TEQ-FallsAlert alarm.

More accurate real-time falls detection 

Most patient monitoring systems claim to provide real-time falls detection. However, certain types of falls detection sensors such as wearable devices, mattress sensors and floor sensor mats are prone to triggering false alarms. 

TEQ-FallsAlert is a fall detection sensor that contains radar sensor technology powered by artificial intelligence. So you can be sure that you have genuine real-time falls detection.  

Documentation to comply with aged care standards

Compliance is critical in every aged care or residential facility, however, we haven’t come across a patient monitoring system that actively enables care providers to meet aged care standards. 

TEQ-FallsAlert, on the other hand, automatically logs data for compliance. In addition you can analyse this past data to inform and limit the risk of future falls by patients. This helps to improve the quality of aged care standards provided in your facility.   

Better coverage of high-risk areas including bathrooms 

Minimising the risk of falls is an important part of aged care standards. However most patient monitoring systems don’t cover high risk areas like bathrooms, where falls are very likely to occur. 

The eazense system overcomes this issue with a powerful radar capable of penetrating the walls of an ensuite – so that if a fall occurs in the bathroom, the caregiver will be alerted. 

Addresses the issue of false alarms 

Traditional patient monitoring systems are prone to false alarms, meaning aged care workers spend unnecessary time attending to these false alarms instead of working towards improving aged care standards. 

eazense is one of the few patient monitoring systems to address this issue, meaning that when a fall alert is registered by TEQ-FallsAlert, staff will know that it is a genuine fall and be able to respond and provide care quickly. 

Traditional monitoring systems can be tripping hazards 

Most patient monitoring systems have excess cables that could become fall hazards but the TEQ-FallsAlert system overcomes this issue as well. 

Sitting in the upper corner of a room, the TEQ-FallsAlert is free from cables and trip hazards which is often a problem with many patient monitoring systems.

Make the switch to TEQ-FallsAlert today

In order to meet aged care standards and provide superior quality of care to our vulnerable residents you need a patient monitoring system that goes above and beyond other units. Make the switch to TEQ-FallsAlert today. 

If you’d like to find out more about the TEQ-FallsAlert system, you can request an obligation free demo from SOFIHUB.