How to choose the best personal safety alarm

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There are several different types of personal safety alarms. Essentially, they all have one main purpose which is to keep the user safe and alert others when help is needed.

What is a personal safety alarm?

In its simplest form, it is a small device that can be used for personal protection and also to alert others. There are several different types; from the ones that emit an ear-piercing sound when activated, to others which don’t even need to be carried or worn.

How to choose the best personal safety alarm?

When choosing the best personal safety alarm, there are several factors to consider, such as size, features, battery life and portability. Which one you ultimately choose depends on the features you prefer, and how it is to be used.

Portable personal safety alarms

One of the most popular personal safety alarms on the market is the TEQ-Secure safety pendant. This is mainly because of the wealth of features it offers. Despite its small size (weighing only 42g), it offers more features than any other product on the market. When the SOS button is pressed or the user falls over, the alarm will notify up to 10 emergency contacts via SMS and 2-way voice calls. It is one of the only personal alarms that offers live location tracking. Many personal safety alarms will send a location, but that location may not necessarily be accurate or live. Because the TEQ-Secure has a live online portal, the emergency contact is able to pinpoint exactly where the user is, which of course in an emergency, is of paramount importance.

In addition, the TEQ-Secure is not merely water resistant, it is fully waterproof and can be submerged in the water. This means it can be worn in high risk areas such as the shower.

One of our favourite features of the personal safety alarm is the geofence. Again, this is quite a rare feature for this type of alarm. It means certain locations can be set and the emergency contact can be notified when the user enters and exits this area. This is particularly useful for elderly or disabled people who may wander, or people who forget to call when they return home from a shopping trip, for example.

This device also has falls detection – which is an essential feature – but the TEQ-Secure goes one step further and allows the fall sensitivity to be set according to the user.

Non-wearable personal safety alarm

One of the best products on the market is the TEQ-Home monitoring system. This is a personal safety alarm that doesn’t need to be worn or carried by the user. Free from cameras and audio recording, it uses motion sensors to learn the user’s routines and activity. Then if an anomaly occurs, it notifies the carer who can send help. This clever safety alarm gives spoken word reminders, such as for doctors’ appointments. It can even tell if the medication cabinet has been accessed.

We love it because it’s provides caregiving without being intrusive.

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