Home Monitoring For Elderly: How It Works and the Benefits

Why have home monitoring for the elderly?

As we age, our capacity to take care of ourselves can lessen; we are also more likely to have a fall or an accident around the house. Having home monitoring for an older parent can provide valuable peace of mind and help to ensure they are safe. It can also assist in providing ongoing support, allowing older people to age at home and stay independent. Home monitoring systems are also a way of the older person staying connected with their family or carer.

How to monitor an elderly parent at home?

There are a variety of home monitoring solutions available depending on your needs. These solutions often use sensors or radars that can detect falls, changes in activity levels and more. Many systems have alerts that can be triggered should help be needed, so aid can arrive swiftly. Most of the better home monitoring systems link to an app or website portal that the carer can use to check on the elderly person’s wellbeing.

What are the benefits of monitoring elderly parents at home?

Benefits of senior monitoring include providing home safety, ensuring medical help is available when needed, and enabling elderly people to feel secure in their home. The systems can also act as a deterrent for criminals targeting elderly family members. Furthermore, home monitoring can give the carer extra peace of mind and assurance that their loved one is safe and well
Home monitoring solutions make it easier for older people to stay in their home environment. It allows them to age with dignity, independence and peace of mind. With home monitoring systems, carers can have greater assurance that their loved ones are receiving the care they need

Home monitoring products

SOFIHUB is Australia’s leading provider of home monitoring solutions for the elderly. The TEQ-Home is an AI-powered activity and routine monitor. Over time it learns a person’s regular routines and can notify the carer if an anomaly is detected. As changes to routine can be a precursor to many medical conditions, having a home monitoring system such as the TEQ-Home can provide that extra layer of care. Examples of routine alerts could be if no activity has been detected, or if there has been longer than usual occupancy in a room. Using non-invasive motion sensors, the TEQ-Home respects the privacy and dignity of the older person.

A popular feature of the TEQ-Home is the voice messaging. Messages for medication reminders and doctor appointments can be set up, as well as messages that are triggered by presence in a particular room of the house.

Simple to install, it is powered by the SOFIHUB portal, allowing carers to provide care even when they are not present.

Home monitoring systems can provide a lifeline for those caring for elderly parents, allowing them to live independently and safely. By monitoring home activity, carers can be alerted should an anomaly in routine occur or if medical help is needed.

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