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Using state of the art technology, SOFIhome gives individuals and their families a more intelligent way to live. Designed to work alongside tracking personal alarm systems for seniors, SOFIhome is one of the best digital home assistants on the market today.
If you’ve ever wished that you had a personal assistant on-hand to remind you of all the things you’re supposed to be doing each day, then you might benefit from the support of the SOFIhome solution. SOFIhome is an adaptive care technology which gives people the freedom and independence they need, reducing their reliance on professional care providers.
The SOFIhome solution provides reminders and greetings, with sensors that adjust to regular movement patterns. Features include:
  • Friendly greetings (Welcome home)
  • Reminders for bins, appointments, birthdays and more
  • SOFIhub web portal for adding reminders, viewing activity and changing settings
  • Medication reminders
  • Carer notifications

Caring Made Simple

SOFIhome adaptive care technology gives people of all ages and abilities the freedom and confidence to live independently, while dramatically reducing their reliance on family or professional carers.
Time-based messages are available that play at a specific time according to user needs. There are even medication reminders that occur if a cabinet isn’t accessed at a specific time, and occupancy based messages that air according to the occupation of a room.
A personalised and proactive companion around the home, SOFIhome’s spoken reminders encourage positive living.
SOFIhome’s intelligent messaging system can remind your loved ones when they have an appointment or when they miss their medication, saving you from the worry.
Solutions like the SOFIhome aren’t just for today’s elderly individuals and those in need of additional support with their independence. This technology also helps care providers and family members too, providing valuable insights on patterns of behavior.  Care providers and family members are able to be notified via messages and the online portal when their loved ones haven’t taken their medication or engaged in important activities at certain times.

What is the Intelligent Message?

Timeline reporting

For viewing daily activities

Portal - online access for SOFIhome and SOFIbeacon

Notifications and realtime access for families and carers

Ability to enter reminders and add intelligent messages

Know their location while ensuring peace of mind

Time based messages play at the specified time

A reminder message will play if the medicine cabinet is not accessed at the scheduled time.

If the room that the hub is located in is occupied between the start and the expiry times, the message will be played.

A Sofihub Story

Gay lives in Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs and enjoys living independently. By allowing her to stay in her home she feels empowered. She enjoys SOFIhome as she is able to complete simple tasks without worry, like taking out the rubbish bin.

Get Started Today

If you’re looking for personal alarm systems for the elderly or tracking devices for dementia patients with useful information and insights to offer every day, try the SOFIhome. This unique device has it all and comes from one of the leading providers for personal tracking devices.


If you want to learn more about the SOFIhome, tap or click on one of the boxes below to view or download a brochure. You can also check out the Frequently Asked Questions section below for clarifications on common concerns regarding the SOFIhome.
For clarifications on common concerns

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

SOFIhome comes with a hub and sensors. The sensors are placed in different rooms to learn regular movement patterns. The SOFIhome package comes with the following features:

  • Greetings - good morning, welcome home
  • Reminders - appointments, birthday reminders, bin night reminders
  • SOFIhome Web Portal - for changing settings, adding reminders and viewing activity logs.
  • Medication Reminders
  • Carer Notifications
Does it require internet and power?

SOFIhome works out of the box, requiring only the hub to be connected to power, the SOFIhome sensors run on batteries.

SOFIhome comes fully connected via the 4G network to send alerts and receive software updates. In case of power cuts SOFIhome also has a 4 hour backup power.

How easy is it to set up SOFIhome?

Clear instructions are provided to assist you with sensor placement and connecting sensors to the hub. No drilling or wiring is required.

We can also recommend qualified installers, please select this option when ordering your SOFIhome.

Is it available in all homes?

SOFIhome works best in single occupant homes.

Homes with more than one occupant will have limited functionality.

How can I set reminders in the hub?

Carers of the resident are provided with a SOFIhome login and password which they can use to login to SOFIhome online interface and customise the reminders.

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