Personal Reminder Device for Ageing and Individuals With Levels of Disability

The Home system comprises a hub that resides in the lounge or kitchen and eight motion sensors. These sensors are placed in different areas around the home and are designed to observe movement throughout the home. During the initial set up three key routines are programmed into our online portal. Our online portal can be accessed via a smartphone or a desktop/laptop computer and allows the nominated carers to add new / delete / amend reminders and also do live text to voice messaging.
To ensure constant service the Home ships with an internal 4G SIM card. This always-on solution incurs a $20 monthly charge that covers all data and voice usage along with full access to the online portal.
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Text to Voice Messaging System

Let your loved one know that you care with text to voice messaging. Using the SOFIHUB portal you can contact your family member and stay connected. The Home can vocalise your message instantly or at a selected time.
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Medication Reminders and More…

The Home offers a companion for around the home, encouraging safe and positive living. What’s more, the personal reminder device reminds loved ones when they miss medication or have an appointment they need to attend.
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Behaviour Insights

Home can also help family members and care providers too, providing useful insights into important patterns of behavior. Care providers can even access information through messages on a personal online portal so that they can see when family members haven’t taken medications or taken part in important activities.
If there is no response following further prompts over a five-minute period an alert in the form of an SMS and sent to a previously nominated family member or carer to notify them there has been no response.
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Motion / Fall Detection

Routines are monitored in a non-invasive way via motion sensors that detect movement, or more so, lack of movement throughout the home. If an anomaly is triggered due to a fall or a ‘changed/missed routine’ an alert is sent to assigned users assuring that help is never too far away.
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What is the Intelligent Message?

Timeline reporting

For viewing daily activities

Portal - online access for Home and Secure

Notifications and realtime access for families and carers

Ability to enter reminders and add intelligent messages

Know their location while ensuring peace of mind

Time based messages play at the specified time

A reminder message will play if the medicine cabinet is not accessed at the scheduled time.

If the room that the hub is located in is occupied between the start and the expiry times, the message will be played.

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Our customers range in ages and ability, the adaptive care technology ensures that people can live freely and independently while reducing their reliance on family and professional assistance. If you’ve been searching for a personal reminder device to support your loved ones, or a tracking device that offers insightful information, the Home could be the perfect solution for you.
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Learn More About Home

If you want to learn more about the Home personal reminder device, tap or click on one of the boxes below to view or download a brochure. You can also check out the Frequently Asked Questions section below for clarifications on common concerns regarding the Home.
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For clarifications on common concerns

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Home do?

Home is a personalised and proactive digital companion which offers spoken word reminders to help encourage positive living and adherence to health-related routines such as medication and appointments.
Movement is monitored via non-invasive motion sensors placed in rooms throughout the home,  when a routine is missed an alert is sent to a nominated carer or family member in the form of an SMS allowing for immediate intervention.

Does it require internet connection to function?

No, Home do not require an Internet connection.
Home requires access to the SOFIHUB portal to function, this comes in the form of a built in 4G sim card which incurs a monthly charge of $20.00 which covers all data usage and access to our online monitoring and configuration software.

How do I set up my Home?

Home is very easy to install and only requires a computer or laptop during initial set up.

Click here to view our step-by-step installation guides.

How do I adjust settings on my Home and how do I attach the sensors?

Carers and family members are provided with a Home login and password which will allow them to access the SOFIHUB portal where all settings can be configured.
SOFIHUB portal can be accessed through various devices including computers, laptops, tablets and iOS, and Android smartphone apps.

Home comes with eight non-invasive motion sensors and are easily affixed to the wall or ceiling via the supplied double sided velcro adhesive strips.
The sensors also come with pet covers if there is a pet in the home.

Full details can be found in our set up guide in the resources section of the website.

What if I need help with my Home?

If you need help or have any questions you can call is on 1300 110 366 or lodge a request here

Home Pricing

Home products require access to the SOFIHUB portal to function, this comes in the form of a built in 4G sim card in the Home and Secure which incurs a monthly charge of $20.00 per device which covers all data usage and access to our online monitoring and configuration software.

eazense Powered by SOFIHUB requires an ethernet cable and internet access and incurs a monthly fee of $10.00 per device which covers access to our monitoring and configuration software.






eazense Powered by SOFIHUB


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