Save 6 – 8 Hours Of Administrative Work Per Day With An Electronic Medical Chart 

Strong Care’s eNRMC has been proven to improve the efficiency of caregivers and decrease administrative manual work. Administrative tasks and communication is automated, taking pressure off staff and giving them time to concentrate on more meaningful care activities.

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The Benefits Of Using Strong Care’s Electronic Medical Chart

Ease Of Use & Design

Strong Care is Australia’s most intuitive and easy-to-use electronic medication management system. In fact, it is so well designed we won a prize for it: Good Design Australia 2022 winner.

This award reflects the ease of use, design and innovation in this market-leading medication management system.

Electronic Drug Controlled Register

Strong Care is the only Electronic Medication Management system that includes an e-Controlled drug register. It manages deliveries, stocktake, imprest and is resident-specific.

Packed, S8 and non-packed medications supported. Improve accuracy and turnaround time for logging transactions, reduce time spent investigating discrepancies, reduce transcription errors and eliminate the risk of forgotten entries. Legislative compliance with all states and territories.

Easy Implementation

Our easy-to-use platform means implementation and training is fast and simple. Our Clinical Pharmacists specialising in aged care will support you with in-person and online training.

We also provide step-by-step instruction manuals, “how-to” videos and a dedicated 24/7 support line so you can have the help you need, the second you need it.

Stakeholders Using Strong Care

Aged Care Staff

Adopting Strong Care means you will have quick and accurate access to patient records for more co-ordinated care. Communication between prescribers, your aged care facility and supply pharmacy is automated, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Medication administration rounds are highly automated; this reduces medication errors, decreases paperwork and eliminates duplication, leading to improved health outcomes for the patient and reduced stress and workload for your staff.


Our eNRMC has been proven to reduce medication safety risks due to inconsistencies between prescriber records and paper medication charts – less time is spent by pharmacists reconciling these differences.

There is increased visibility of a resident’s medication record for prescribers, pharmacists and RACF staff. It helps with the timely provision of medicines, prompts and alerts to advise of allergies or medication interactions, and reminders when a new prescription or follow up consultation is required. It reduces the administrative burden for RACFs, prescribers and pharmacists and polypharmacy.


Using an eNRMC reduces medication errors and supports greater flexibility, communication and coordination between aged care staff, prescribers and suppliers, through access to real time information about medicines prescribed and administered to a resident.

Using Strong Care’s eNRMC, the prescriber can see the medication list efficiently – through a synchronised patient record – and have the ability to prescribe and deprescribe remotely as appropriate.

The switch to Strong Care has been a game-changer. The time we used to spend doing admin and rounds can now be spent on other more meaningful care activities.

General Manager – Aged Care facility

What appealed to me is how automated the system is, I can get reports at the touch of a button and have much greater oversight on not just one facility, but all of them, in real-time. I can see how it’s helped reduce the risk of medication errors across the whole group.

Quality and Compliance Manager, Aged Care Facility

I’ve been very impressed with how smooth the implementation has been. The staff have found the platform really straighforward and Strong Care’s training and support have been fantastic.

Operations Manager, Aged Care Facility

How it works

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Setup & Training
1-day set up with in-person and online training from a Clinical Pharmacist, practice rounds for staff, GP and pharmacy training and support

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Save 6-8 hours per day
Reduce staff stress
Reduce medication errors
Improve resident outcomes
Improve compliance

Ongoing Support
24/7 support line
Video tutorials
In-person training
Online training
Instruction manual

Sofihub products and solutions are trusted by:

Drug Register

  • e-Controlled drug register manages deliveries, stocktake, imprest, is resident-specific
  • Packed, S8 and non-packed medications supported
  • Improve accuracy and turnaround time for logging transactions
  • Reduce time spent investigating drug register discrepancies
  • Reduce transcription errors
  • Eliminate the risk of forgotten entries
  • Legislative compliance with all states and territories

Drug administration rounds

  • Facial recognition software for resident identification
  • Can consolidate all medication charts on one calendar, giving an overview of all medications, past administration rounds and future schedule
  • High levels of automation means system is easy to use
  • Specialised nurse and carer access levels
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  • Real-time analytics and data
  • Real-time access to stock levels
  • Quality indicator reporting for compliance
  • Benchmarking
  • Antimicrobials
  • Polypharmacy
  • Psychotropics
  • Personal configuration of dashboard
  • Facility and organisation QUM reports
  • RMMR reports


  • Automate communication between GPs, Care staff and pharmacies (auto notifications of charts being reviewed, communication with pharmacy etc)
  • Medication interaction integration
  • Configurable reporting including polypharmacy, psychotropics, antimicrobial
  • Simple to use and intuitive
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Other included features

  • Lowest price-point in the market
  • Symptom tracker traced back to inappropriate medications and medication side effects
  • Integrates with biggest number of hospitals and community pharmacies
  • Optional facial recognition software for resident identification
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