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SOFIHUB advanced adaptive care technology gives people of all ages and abilities the freedom and confidence to live independently, while dramatically reducing their reliance on family or professional carers.


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A personalised and proactive digital companion around the home, SOFIHUB home spoken reminders encourage positive living and adherence to health-related routines.
The SOFIHUB home solution provides reminders and greetings, with sensors that adjust to regular movement patterns. Features include:
  • Friendly greetings (Welcome home)
  • Reminders for bins, appointments, birthdays and more
  • Medication reminders
  • Carer notifications
Through intelligent monitoring of movement, it also detects behavioural change and automatically initiates alerts to the appropriate contacts. All of this is achieved without video or audio surveillance; SOFIHUB home does not compromise an individual’s right to privacy.

SOFIHUB beacon

The keyring-sized SOFIHUB beacon can issue an emergency SOS to multiple people at the touch of a button. Equipped with global positioning and mobile network technology, it can instantly pinpoint a person’s location and enable immediate voice contact via built-in speakerphone.

The SOFIHUB home and SOFIHUB beacon Solution 

Around the home, our technology provides spoken reminders to promote positive living and adherence to health-related routines. It also detects and alerts carers to variations in activity or behaviour. Away from home, our keyring-sized personal technology can issue an SOS alert to three people simultaneously, pinpoint its location through global positioning, and enable immediate contact via the built-in speaker phone.



Combining the two SOFIHUB products has been known to reduce dependency on professional care providers. 

Automated Notifications

Care providers and family members are able to be notified via text messages and the online portal when their loved ones haven’t taken their medication or engaged in important activities at certain times.

All-day Personal Assistance

Using state of the art technology, SOFIHUB home gives individuals and their families a more intelligent way to live. Designed to work alongside tracking personal alarm systems for seniors, SOFIHUB home is one of the best digital home assistants on the market today.

Time-based Messages

Time-based messages play at a specific time according to user needs. SOFIHUB home's intelligent messaging system can remind your loved ones when they have an appointment or when they miss their medication, saving you from the worry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

SOFIHUB home comes with a hub and sensors. The sensors are placed in different rooms to learn regular movement patterns. The SOFIHUB home package comes with the following features:

  • Greetings - good morning, welcome home
  • Reminders - appointments, birthday reminders, bin night reminders
  • SOFIHUB home Web Portal - for changing settings, adding reminders and viewing activity logs.
  • Medication Reminders
  • Carer Notifications
Does it require internet and power?

SOFIHUB home works out of the box, requiring only the hub to be connected to power, the SOFIHUB home sensors run on batteries.

SOFIHUB home comes fully connected via the 4G network to send alerts and receive software updates. In case of power cuts SOFIHUB home also has a 4 hour backup power.

How easy is it to set up SOFIHUB home?

Clear instructions are provided to assist you with sensor placement and connecting sensors to the hub. No drilling or wiring is required. Click here to view our step-by-step installation guides.

We can also recommend qualified installers, please select this option when ordering your SOFIHUB home.

Is it available in all homes?

SOFIHUB home works optimally in single occupant homes but also can be installed in multi-occupant homes.

How can I set reminders in the hub?

Carers of the resident are provided with a SOFIHUB home login and password which they can use to login to SOFIHUB home online interface and customise the reminders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will it be working?

As soon as you take it out of the box, the system will be working. However, to use the SOS feature, you will need to register your details through our portal to ensure your contacts are loaded up and then you are good to go!

How much does it cost?

We offer three options for purchasing the SOFIHUB pendant:

  • $249 with a monthly fee of $20
  • 24 month plan of $35.70, includes SIM
  • 36 month plan of $31.90, includes SIM
What colours does it come in?

At the moment, we provide it in black.

How many can I have in my family?

SOFIHUB pendant is configured so that everyone in the family can have one.

How do I monitor my mother’s use of the SOFIHUB pendant?

Customers get access to the SOFIportal, which provides a comprehensive breakdown of the user’s activity, the status of the device and where the SOFIHUB pendant is at that time. History can be accessed, settings can be changed and updates will be added automatically from our end.

Who can use SOFIHUB pendant?

There are three main markets for this device:

  • The elderly who want peace of mind whilst maintaining their independence
  • The young who want to feel safe when they go out on their own
  • Those with conditions which might present unexpectedly and therefore need care, e.g. diabetics
What's in the box?
  • 1 x SOFIHUB pendant
  • 1 x base station
  • 1 x Charging cable
  • 1 x lanyard
Where do I find the instructions?

You would have received a letter with the SOFIHUB pendant. There are more detailed instructions by following this link.

How do I update the settings?

Through the SOFIportal.

I’ve forgotten my password. What do I do?

There’s a password reset option on the portal homepage.

How does SOFIHUB pendant Communicate?

SOFIHUB pendant has a SIM card and works on the cellular network. SOFIHUB pendant needs a cellular connection to operate.

Which cellular carrier should I use?

In Australia, both Telstra and Optus are supported. Please ensure you specify this when you order your Beacon.

In New Zealand, Spark Telecom is supported. Please ensure you specify this when you order your Beacon

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