Constant care, everywhere.

SOFIHUB advanced adaptive care technology gives people of all ages and abilities the freedom and confidence to live independently, while dramatically reducing their reliance on family or professional carers.

The SOFIHUB home Solution

Peace of Mind Alerts

Carers and family members are notified via SMS when anomalies are triggered in three key routines, late to bed, late to rise and long duration in bathroom.

Spoken Time Based & Medication Reminders

Intelligent messaging system can remind your loved ones when they have an appointment, have a shopping trip or simply it’s bin night. These can be added to / deleted at any time via our portal. As well as essential medication reminders in conjunction with a medicine cabinet motion sensor provide real time data to carers.

Text-to-Voice Messaging

Via our online portal carers can send a live text to voice message at any time, The SOFIHUB home is then able to localise this message instantly or at a selected time.

Fall Detection

Routines are monitored in a non-invasive way via motion sensors that detect movement, or more so, lack of movement throughout the home. If an anomaly is triggered due to a fall or a 'changed/missed routine' an alert is sent to assigned users assuring that help is never too far away.

The SOFIHUB beacon Solution

Wearable Panic Alarm

Waterproof SOS alarm that functions as GPD locator wherever there is 3G or 4G coverage

Automated Notifications

Create a geofenced area when needed via the SOFIHUB online portal to protect your loved one.

All-day Personal Assistance

Carers can call the beacon at any time for two way voice communication.

Fall Detection

Sensitivity adjustable fall detection which alerts carer within seconds of a fall.

NDIS Funded or Have a Home Care Package?

Great news, if you are NDIS funded, have a Home Care Package or, are part of the Commonwealth Home Support Program then SOFIHUB can help today.
As an accredited supplier, we handle everything from start to finish, always making sure you we get you your new SOFIHUB to you swiftly.

* NDIS Accreditation coming soon in WA.

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SOFIHUB Case Studies

SOFIHUB technology has changed the lives of many. Below are the stories of just a few of our favourite customers and how SOFIHUB has impacted them directly.

SOFIHUB tells me to do certain things like take my medication, eat lunch or whatever I need to do. I think the SOFIhome will help out anyone. It will help them out 100%.

Josh Taylor

SOFIhome has allowed my son to maintain his independence. And with this new technology, I have peace of mind.

Lynette Macdonald

SOFIHUB home is the best thing ever. My 92 year old mother had a fall the other day. And had a slight heart attack. It alerted me. And I went straight to her house. Because mum was able to get help fast, she is still alive today. I totally recommend these for the elderly. 

Carol Warren
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

SOFIHUB home comes with a hub and sensors. The sensors are placed in different rooms to learn regular movement patterns. The SOFIHUB home package comes with the following features:

  • Greetings - good morning, welcome home
  • Reminders - appointments, birthday reminders, bin night reminders
  • SOFIHUB home Web Portal - for changing settings, adding reminders and viewing activity logs.
  • Medication Reminders
  • Carer Notifications
Does it require internet and power?

SOFIHUB home works out of the box, requiring only the hub to be connected to power, the SOFIHUB home sensors run on batteries.

SOFIHUB home comes fully connected via the 4G network to send alerts and receive software updates. In case of power cuts SOFIHUB home also has a 4 hour backup power.

How easy is it to set up SOFIHUB home?

Clear instructions are provided to assist you with sensor placement and connecting sensors to the hub. No drilling or wiring is required. Click here to view our step-by-step installation guides.

We can also recommend qualified installers, please select this option when ordering your SOFIHUB home.

Is it available in all homes?

SOFIHUB home works optimally in single occupant homes but also can be installed in multi-occupant homes.

How can I set reminders in the hub?

Carers of the resident are provided with a SOFIHUB home login and password which they can use to login to SOFIHUB home online interface and customise the reminders.

Learn more about the SOFIHUB pendant

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will it be working?

As soon as you take it out of the box, the system will be working. However, to use the SOS feature, you will need to register your details through our portal to ensure your contacts are loaded up and then you are good to go!

What colours does it come in?

At the moment, we provide it in black.

How many can I have in my family?

SOFIHUB pendant is configured so that everyone in the family can have one.

How do I monitor my mother’s use of the SOFIHUB pendant?

Customers get access to the SOFIportal, which provides a comprehensive breakdown of the user’s activity, the status of the device and where the SOFIHUB pendant is at that time. History can be accessed, settings can be changed and updates will be added automatically from our end.

Who can use SOFIHUB pendant?

There are three main markets for this device:

  • The elderly who want peace of mind whilst maintaining their independence
  • The young who want to feel safe when they go out on their own
  • Those with conditions which might present unexpectedly and therefore need care, e.g. diabetics
What's in the box?
  • 1 x SOFIHUB pendant
  • 1 x base station
  • 1 x Charging cable
  • 1 x lanyard
Where do I find the instructions?

You would have received a letter with the SOFIHUB pendant. There are more detailed instructions by following this link.

How do I update the settings?

Through the SOFIportal.

I’ve forgotten my password. What do I do?

There’s a password reset option on the portal homepage.

How does SOFIHUB pendant Communicate?

SOFIHUB pendant has a SIM card and works on the cellular network. SOFIHUB pendant needs a cellular connection to operate.

Which cellular carrier should I use?

In Australia, both Telstra and Optus are supported. Please ensure you specify this when you order your Beacon.

In New Zealand, Spark Telecom is supported. Please ensure you specify this when you order your Beacon

Supported by the Australian Government through Accelerating Commercialisation, an element of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme

Working with the Transport Accident Commission

Supported by the Australian Government Department of Health

Registered NDIS Provider

Option One


SOFIHUB products do not need an internet connection or internal phone lines as they are powered using a built in 4G sim card. This card incurs a monthly charge of $25.00 per device ($40.00 if both home and beacon are in the same home) which covers all data usage and access to our online monitoring software.

4G Sim Card

Monthly Rate




SOFIHUB beacon bundle



SOFIHUB home + beacon



Monthly Plan incl. 4G SIM card


As many of our customers are on pensions we also offer monthly payment plans which include our ongoing sim connection costing. After the product has been paid off using our 12, 24 or 36 month subscription plan the monthly charge reverts to $25.00 which covers all data usage and access to our online monitoring software.

12 Months
24 Months
36 Months





SOFIHUB beacon




SOFIHUB home + beacon