NDIS Funded Smart Home Solutions For Those Living With Disabilities

SOFIHUB has many innovative devices to monitor and help in times of emergency and can get you help when you need it fast. With a range of NDIS medical alarm options available, you can choose the device that best suits your needs. These NDIS alarms empower you to live your life to the fullest while maintaining confidence in your safety.

Support for SIL Providers & Caregivers

SOFIHUB innovations can help caregivers look after their patients without being invasive. Someone in your care can feel safe and independent without the feeling of being watched. And they can feel safe knowing if something did happen, a caregiver will be there quickly.

It is non-intrusive and saves time for caregivers, who can be where they’re needed, when they’re needed.

The Benefits For Caregivers

Remain at home

Your patients can stay in their own homes, where they feel safe and secure.

Peace of Mind

The non-intrusive monitoring means you’ll always know when your patent is in need of assistance, even if they can’t contact you themselves.

Stay Connected

The remote patient monitoring of the people in your care is 24/7. No matter the time of day, help is never far away.

Save time

With automatic alerts, there is no delay in rendering assistance. You also save time on administrative duties and routine checks, and devote the time to meaningful care activities.

Discover The Suite Of SOFIHUB Products For Disability Carers

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The TEQ-FallsAlert is a falls detection monitoring system that has real-time fall detection which can immediately call for carer assistance. There are no cameras or wearables, so your privacy is guaranteed.

The absence of cameras ensures the preservation of privacy. It uses radar technology to scan a room for a fall, 24/7. When one takes place, it sends an immediate alert to a caregiver so help can be sent in an instant.

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Ease Of Use For Caregivers

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Are You A Disability Service Provider?

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The switch to Strong Care has been a game-changer. The time we used to spend doing admin and rounds can now be spent on other more meaningful care activities.

General Manager – Aged Care facility

What appealed to me is how automated the system is, I can get reports at the touch of a button and have much greater oversight on not just one facility, but all of them, in real-time. I can see how it’s helped reduce the risk of medication errors across the whole group.

Quality and Compliance Manager, Aged Care Facility

I’ve been very impressed with how smooth the implementation has been. The staff have found the platform really straighforward and Strong Care’s training and support have been fantastic.

Operations Manager, Aged Care Facility

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