SOFIHUB is a brand of CARETEQ Limited.

The story of SOFIHUB began in 2016 with a meeting of minds and has grown into a company that has developed a market leading device, aimed at transforming the aged care sector.

Along the journey, SOFIHUB, a brand of CARETEQ, has raised capital and made significant connections throughout the aged care market. The capital has been used to design and build an entirely proprietary system and, as a result, now delivers state-of-the-art care to many sectors of the community. This includes software, hardware and, we like to think, a little bit of magic.

Since the company’s inception, we have built a brand presence around our evolving ‘SOFIHUB’ ecosystem. Initially with our core product, SOFIHUB home, alongside our uniquely featured safety pendant, SOFIHUB secure and most recently the latest in radar technology, eazense Powered By SOFIHUB, which provides continuous real-time falls detection and monitoring. This has involved collaboration with global partners, including trials that have taken place in four of the five continents across the world.

The Management Team

Peter Scala

Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer

Alex Boyd

Executive Director / Chief Operating Officer

Ian Aitken

Chief Technical Officer

Trevor Rooney

VP of Global Sales & Marketing

Dean Nedelkos

General Manager, Healthcare

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