Keep Yourself Or Your Loved Ones Safe With An Emergency
Safety Pendant

Designed for ease of use, our safety pendants are lightweight and non-invasive, providing essential safety and peace of mind for day to day life. Ideal for seniors in both independant and assisted living situations, these emergency pendants serve as a critical safety net, offering support 24/7. They ensure you can move through your day with assurance, knowing assistance is merely a button press away.

Who Can Benefit From A Safety Pendant



Our safety pendants are specifically tailored for seniors, providing instant assistance in the event of a fall or accident.

NDIS Participants

The TEQ-Secure can be used for NDIS participants and can improve the safety of those living with disabilities. SOFIHUB is a registered NDIS provider.

Aged Care Residents & Staff

For aged care residents & staff, our safety pendants provide peace of mind ensuring everyone can receive immediate help when needed.

Six reasons why the TEQ-Secure is the best in class:

SOS button & fall detection, when activated sends an SMS to your nominated friend or family member and then follows up swiftly with a two-way voice call.
The unit will function when dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep and can be also be worn in the shower as needed.
Friends and family can call the device just like a normal mobile phone and enjoy a two-way voice conversation.
Live and historical location details via our unique online portal (laptop & free iOS / Android App). You will always be able to see where your loved one is.
Charging cradle included with spoken word reminders to wear and charge the beacon when needed, never forget to wear or charge your device.
To ensure constant service the Secure ships with an internal 4G SIM card. This always-on solution incurs a $20.00 monthly charge that covers all data and voice usage along with full access to our online portal.
4G Personal GPS Tracker

Fall Detection

Secure is the must-have device for adventure enthusiasts or at-risk loved ones. Equipped with a built-in accelerometer that can instantly detect when someone has had a fall. With adjustable sensitivities to suit all users the device will send an alert SMS within seconds of detecting a fall and will follow up with a voice call.
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Emergency Messaging System

While we all do our best to avoid dangerous situations, there’s always a chance that you or your loved one could find a worrying situation. Secure is here to help. If an uncomfortable moment presents itself simply press the SOS button on the Secure to call up to ten emergency contacts.
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Location History

When it comes to personal tracking devices in Australia, the Secure is arguably one of the best. It’s simple, easy to use, lightweight, and durable, and has a portal map that can mark a user’s location history at any time. With 4G GPS technology, it’s one of the most reliable tracking devices for kids and gives parents/carers complete peace of mind.
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Geo Fencing

Manage and customise safe zones that are best for you, with Geo fences that are easy to establish and monitor. Save specific routes like your hiking route or the path your children usually take when walking to and from school.
As soon as a person leaves a designated safety zone, you’ll be the first to know through a notification sent directly to your mobile app and online portal, allowing you to see where the person is in real-time.
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Two Way Voice Calls

The Secure GPS tracker is unique, it comes equipped with a two-way system for audio communication. This means that you can speak through a tracking device in the same way that you would a mobile phone.
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Two-way Voice Calls

GPS capability


Nationwide coverage (3G/4G)

SOS feature

Ten emergency contacts

Vibration alerts

Fall detector

Peace of mind

Affordable & simple to use

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TEQ-Secure?

The TEQ-Secure 4G mobile alarm will provide you and other family members’ peace of mind wherever you are, whether that is out and about or at home, that help is at hand at the touch of a button.

It works wherever there is available mobile network coverage in Australia.

When you press the SOS button, it texts a help message with your location, then starts calling up to 10 emergency contacts one by one. It also includes an in-built fall detection capability.

The alarm includes a "smart voice guide" that talks you through your emergency. Family and friends can even call the alarm if they want to talk to the wearer. The TEQ-Secure is waterproof and very simple to use.

The TEQ-Secure is ideal for anyone who is independent and goes out of the house by themselves. It is especially useful if the person has previously had a fall, is a falls risk, if they have dementia, wandering, or may need help or assistance when out and about. It can be used for those without a mobile phone or who have challenges using a mobile phone.

In addition, if someone works alone or remotely, it adds an additional layer of safety during the course of their working day.

The TEQ-Secure is primarily designed for seniors, especially those who suffer from various medical conditions and disabilities. It is highly recommended for most seniors and considered essential for individuals who are at risk of falls or experience sudden onset of acute symptoms or deterioration in their existing condition.

Additionally, doctors, nurses and caregivers often recommend TEQ-Secure for seniors who have recently been discharged from hospital in many situations.

Setting up the TEQ-Secure is simple. Download the Sofihub app or log into the online portal, register your device and follow the prompts to set up your emergency contacts.

The TEQ-Secure comes with a built-in 4G SIM card which covers all data usage including outgoing phone calls, emergency text messages, data usage, access to the app, and live, online monitoring software.

The SIM card is included when you purchase your TEQ-Secure.

Yes, the TEQ-Secure can make and receive calls like a normal mobile phone, allowing for instant hands-free two-way voice communication via the inbuilt speakerphone.

If an alert is triggered via the SOS button or a fall is detected, the TEQ-Secure will send an SMS alert to a nominated carer or family member.

This SMS will include a link to the last known location. The TEQ-Secure will then follow up swiftly with a two-way voice call

If the first alert goes unanswered, the TEQ-Secure will send an alert to the second contact on the emergency contact list and will continue to the next contact and so on until the alert is answered and reset on the SOFIHUB portal or app.

No, the TEQ-Secure does not require Wi-Fi to work as it has an in-built Telstra 4G SIM card which allows connectivity wherever there is mobile reception.

The average battery life of the TEQ-Secure is 60 hours. However, this can be affected by the cellular reception in the area. If the TEQ-Secure is in an area with good reception, the battery life can be longer than 60 hours. In areas with bad mobile reception, this can shorten the time.