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SOFIHUB’s ecosystem of technology saves healthcare professionals admin time so they can focus on providing meaningful care to patients

With healthcare resources already stretched, SOFIHUB’s remote patient monitoring aims to reduce hospital admissions, lower costs and increase patient adherence and outcomes. SOFIHUB’s technologies free up time for busy healthcare workers. By monitoring a patient’s health remotely, you can detect or address any health issues in real time, improving patient health and outcomes.

Healthcare settings we work with

Hospital In the home & outpatient care

Monitoring patient health at home benefits both the patient and the healthcare system. As the healthcare system moves towards this model of care, having the right monitoring technology is essential for patient well-being and the management of this care model.

Allied health professionals

Allied health professionals, such as occupational therapists, can access patient monitoring devices to know when their patient may need attention (e.g. from a fall).

Discover the suite of SOFIHUB products for healthcare professionals

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The TEQ-FallsAlert uses radar technology within a room to detect if a person falls. Designed for fall detection, it’s ideal for people who live alone and have a history of falls, epilepsy or are unsteady on their feet. When a fall is detected from a bed, seat or standing position, an alert is sent to a family member or healthcare professional, who can respond quickly to assist the patient.

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TEQ-Home is designed as a patient activity monitor, giving spoken reminders about routines such as medication times, scheduled appointments or bedtimes. Motion sensors are placed throughout the home, and when a routine is missed (e.g. not going to bed at the usual time or the medication cabinet not being accessed), a family member or healthcare professional receives an alert to follow up with the patient.

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TEQ-Secure, a lightweight SOS pendant with 4G and GPS, is ideal for people with various medical conditions (e.g., fall risks or dementia) or needing assistance. When the SOS button is pushed or a fall has been detected, the location and a message is sent to the healthcare professional to respond. If the first contact doesn’t respond, the system will alert the next contact (it stores up to 10 emergency contacts). A two-way voice call is also activated to give instant advice and comfort. The mobile safety pendant also features geofencing so safe areas can be set with notifications if the user enters of exits these locations.

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Non-invasive patient monitoring

SOFIHUB’s products are designed to offer non-invasive patient monitoring. These assistive living technologies do not use video or audio recording equipment to preserve the privacy and dignity of the patient. The real-time access to data means that help can be sent the instant it is needed.

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Manage multiple patients at the same time

SOFIHUB’s suite of patient monitoring systems helps busy healthcare professionals maximise their time. With an online portal and handy mobile app, multiple patients at multiple locations can be managed at the same time. All data is automatically logged for compliance and the healthcare professional’s reference.

How SOFIHUB can improve in-home healthcare settings & improve productivity

Provide quality care

With a patient being monitored 24/7, healthcare workers can respond in real time when needed. They are alerted when an issue arises and can either attend to the patient or call someone who may be closer to help.

Reduce workload & save time

Reducing the need for constant in-person monitoring eases the burden on healthcare workloads. Powered by leading AI technology using a cloud-based system, healthcare professionals know they can provide care for multiple patients remotely and on the go.

Patient data logged for compliance

When using a SOFIHUB product, patient data is securely logged in the portal for easy reference and compliance.

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The switch to Strong Care has been a game-changer. The time we used to spend doing admin and rounds can now be spent on other more meaningful care activities.

General Manager – Aged Care facility

What appealed to me is how automated the system is, I can get reports at the touch of a button and have much greater oversight on not just one facility, but all of them, in real-time. I can see how it’s helped reduce the risk of medication errors across the whole group.

Quality and Compliance Manager, Aged Care Facility

I’ve been very impressed with how smooth the implementation has been. The staff have found the platform really straighforward and Strong Care’s training and support have been fantastic.

Operations Manager, Aged Care Facility

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