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Real-time fall alerts

Powered by Australian-designed AI technology, SOFIHUB’s non-invasive radar monitors your residents’ rooms for a fall.

The radar will detect falls from a chair, bed or standing position and immediately notify aged care staff. Far more accurate than current solutions (such as sensor mats), the falls detection radar helps the aged care facility to exceed quality standards and achieve high star ratings.

The benefits of using falls detection devices in aged care facilities

Reduce false alarms and improve compliance with TEQ-FallsAlert

Unlike traditional falls monitoring systems such as sensor mats, the TEQ-FallsAlert eliminates the multiple daily false alarms they cause. It also logs all data for compliance and integrates seamlessly with your existing nurse call system.

Wider coverage and cost effective falls detection

The TEQ-FallsAlert uses radar technology to monitor the entire room, 24/7. It can even monitor high risk falls areas such as the bathroom. More robust than traditional sensor mats and with a longer lifespan, TEQ-FallsAlert is a more cost effective solution for your OpEx budget.

Quick response in the event of a fall or health scare

With fall prevention in aged care being a significant factor for aged care workers and facilities, SOFIHUB’s TEQ-FallsAlert notifies carers in real-time when a fall has occurred. This improves resident health outcomes as well as helping aged care facilities to exceed quality standards and achieve high star ratings.



Affixed to the corner of a room, the TEQ-FallsAlert does not require the resident to wear a device or alter their routine in any way. The TEQ-FallsAlert instantly detects when a fall takes place and notifies aged care staff so help can be sent in an instant. This system is ideal for residents with a history of falling or being unsteady on their feet. The TEQ-FallsAlert is more accurate and has a longer life span than current solutions. In addition, being affixed to the upper corner of the room means there aren’t any trip hazards to contend with.

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The switch to the TEQ-FallsAlert has been a game-changer. The time we used to spend responding to false alarms can now be spent on other more meaningful care activities.

General Manager – Aged Care facility

What appealed to me is how automated the system is, I can get reports at the touch of a button and have much greater oversight on not just one facility, but all of them, in real-time. I can see how it’s helped improve compliance and contributed to higher star ratings across the whole group.

Quality and Compliance Manager, Aged Care Facility

I’ve been very impressed with how smooth the implementation has been. The staff have found the system really straightforward and intuitive and it integrates with our existing workflows. SOFIHUB’s support team have been fantastic to work with.

Operations Manager, Aged Care Facility

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