SOFIHUB pro solutions
Independent Living

SOFIHUB pro solutions is a customised hardware and software solution, offered to professional organisations wanting to supply SOFIHUB products to their existing clients.
Independent Living Units (ILU), Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) and Aged Appropriate Accommodation can benefit from the SOFIHUB platform which can be integrated into their smart living units to provide data on all their client’s activities.  Alerts and Alarm notifications can be monitored on a centralised dashboard by the nominated onsite or remote carer.

Secure domain hosting through AWS

Alerts and messaging integration to existing call centre framework

Customisable client portal with associated branding

Product co branding including materials

Ongoing sales and training support

Technology & Innovation

Designed to transform the independent living environment with smart technology and innovation, the SOFIHUB pro solutions system, together with continuous 24/7 monitoring, is the only solution on the market that combines all of the tools an independent living monitoring system needs in one.
The SOFIHUB pro solutions system passively monitors the residents home using algorithms including multiple AI and machine learning methods. Without using a pendant or pressing a button the pro solutions system is able to send an alert notification following abnormal behaviours to the SOFIHUB pro solutions Portal.

Behavioral Monitoring & Voice Based Reminder System

The SOFIHUB pro solutions system is able to keep record of residents behaviour as well as any changes to their routine. This data can be vital to detecting any deterioration in a residents health. The system is also able to vocalise any daily reminders that the care staff wish such as a reminder for the resident to take their medication. Live text to voice.

AI Technology

The SOFIHUB pro solutions system is one of the most advanced and innovative solutions on the market today. Designed using AI technology, SOFIHUB pro solutions accommodates for a wide range of installation possibilities in new and existing buildings. The scalable design allows the implementation of SOFIHUB pro solutions into your current systems simply and swiftly.

Independent Living Units

SOFIHUB pro solutions is the perfect solution for NDIS approved SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) & Independent Living Units as it allows for maximum privacy as well as maximum security for residents.
SOFIHUB pro solutions portal can report daily activities and other information with notifications streamlining workflows and improving efficiency for all staff. 

What notifications can be set up with the SOFIHUB pro solutions system?


  • Medication reminder notification
  • Event reminders for residents
  • Morning greeting including weather
  • Safety Pendant wear / charge reminder
  • Time for bed reminder
  • Live text to voice messaging from carer to resident
  • Bespoke reminders from cares and friends
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Frequently Asked Questions

So how does SOFIHUB pro solutions work?

Sensors are placed around the patients/residents room and a user profile is created for the purpose of detecting any abnormal activities. If SOFIHUB pro solutions detects an anomaly an alert is sent to a centralised monitoring system which notifies the healthcare professional that someone in their care needs attention

What notifications can be set up with the SOFIHUB pro solutions system?
  • Medication reminder notification
  • Event reminders for residents
  • Possible fall notification
  • Irregular activity notification
  • Out of bed notification
  • Bathroom visit notification
  • Unusual activity alarm
  • Room exit notification
  • Room entered notification
What are the benefits of the SOFIHUB pro solutions system?
  • An individual health care professional or administrator at your facility can monitor multiple residents/patients at the one time and respond accordingly if there is an emergency situation. 
  • We can tailor a system to your individual facilities requirements
  • We can integrate a monitoring and security solution utilising your existing systems and BMS.
  • You will have ongoing technical sales support
  • Co-branding options are available
Can SOFIHUB pro solutions be customised to what we need for our facility?

Yes. We can tailor an individual solution designed specially for the needs of your business and that of your staff, patients, residents or outpatients. Please click on the form below and one of our team will reach out to you to start a conversation.


Can I see a demonstration of how SOFIHUB pro solutions works?

One of our specialist team members can come out to your facilities and show you how the system works. Simply call 1300 110 366 to arrange an appointment for a demonstration.

Can SOFIHUB pro solutions integrate with other systems?

The flexible design means that you can implement the SOFIHUB pro solutions system into your current systems to combine your past and future investments.

How can we help you?

Want to learn more about SOFIHUB, we'll be more than happy to assist, please fill in the below contact form or call us on 1300 110 366.

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