TEQ-FallsAlert Vs. Traditional Falls Monitoring

Stay Updated With Those At Risk With A Fall Detection Monitor

Expectations of care have never been higher. Health care providers are tasked with delivering safe, effective, compliant, personal and clinical care and yet traditional monitoring solutions often fall short. Fortunately, the days of manual monitoring are behind us. SOFIHUB TEQ-FallsAlert provides non-invasive fall detection monitors for healthcare professionals to provide the monitoring and protection for elderly patients and those at risk of falls.

Designed To Meet The Challenges Of Primary Care, Aged Care & Acute Care Environments

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What Happens When Traditional Falls Monitoring Doesn’t Adequately Provide Effective Care?

Falls detection and prevention is reliant on the limitations of the systems that are being used – such as sensor mats, under floor sensors or wearable devices. Whilst the standards of care have been raised, the standards of monitoring technology have not kept pace – until now.

All data is logged to ensure continued safety and compliance is delivered

A real-time alert is sent to the carer, ensuring emergency assistance is provided

No matter where, all falls are detected where the TEQ-FallsAlert is placed

Ease Staff Workload and Increase Staff Engagement

TEQ-FallsAlert is a passive, real-time falls detection and prevention system for those in residential aged care, primary or acute care.

Compared to traditional falls monitoring systems, TEQ-FallsAlert saves staff hours and increases staff engagement.

  • Detects falls in real-time, accurately
  • Logs data required for compliance e.g. time from the falls to assistance arriving
  • Integrates with your nurse call system
  • Radar technology means the entire room is monitored
  • All falls detected: from bed, seated and standing
  • No requirement for the patient or resident to wear a device
  • Free from wires, mats and other trip hazards
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Enhance resident and patient care with the

TEQ-FallsAlert Fall Detection Monitor



Floor Sensor Mats

Smart Floors

Mattress Sensor

Wearable Falls Device

Free From False Alarms

Eases Staff Workload
And Saves Time

Covers High Risk Areas
Such As Bathrooms

Real Time Falls Detection

Logs Falls And Movement
Data For Compliance

No Need For Wearable Device

Free From Trip

Easy Installation


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Provide superior care for your patients, residents and staff.

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What sets TEQ-FallsAlert apart from traditional falls detection?

The use of advanced technology eliminate false alarms, meaning staff have more time for higher-quality time and interactions with residents

The TEQ-FallsAlert respects patients privacy with the use of radars

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TEQ-FallsAlert today

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy the TEQ-FallsAlert?

The TEQ-FallsAlert provides a layer of safety for anyone who lives alone, is unsteady on their feet or needs assistance getting around, has epilepsy, has previously had a fall, or is a falls risk. Without the use of cameras or video, it uses sensors to monitor a room and send an alert to a carer should a fall take place. Falls from bed, seated or standing are detected. An advantage of the TEQ-FallsAlert is that it does not require the user to wear a device.

Setting up your TEQ-FallsAlert couldn't be easier. Affix the wall bracket using double sided tape, plug your TEQ-FallsAlert into a power outlet, pair with the Sofihub app and follow the simple instructions to set up the device.

Yes, the TEQ-FallsAlert requires 2.4GHz Wi-Fi to operate. Other Wi-Fi networks are not supported.

This really depends on your situation. Some people like to install only one in a high-risk area such as the bathroom or bedroom, or, for added safety you can install one in each room; kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom.

Yes, the TEQ-FallsAlert detects falls from bed, seated and standing.

The alerts are sent via a push notification from the Sofihub app.

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