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TEQ-Secure: Real-time location tracking and falls detection

Safety pendant with SOS button and two-way voice calls for independence outside the home. Includes automatic falls detection and an SOS button to alert caregivers. With GPS and 4G, it can instantly pinpoint a person’s location and enables immediate contact with a built-in speakerphone.


TEQ-Home: Track activity and key routines remotely

A movement and routine tracker in the home; allowing activity to be monitored remotely. Using motion sensors, this respects privacy and dignity. With an intelligent messaging system, it ensures key events such as taking medication and doctors’ appointments are not missed.


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SOFIHUB Testimonials

SOFIHUB technology has changed the lives of many. Below are the stories of just a few of our favourite customers and how SOFIHUB has impacted them directly.

The eazense is the best thing ever. My 92 year old mother had a fall the other day. And had a slight heart attack. It alerted me. And I went straight to her house. Because mum was able to get help fast, she is still alive today. I totally recommend these.

– Carol Warren

Miles loves TEQ-Home. The most significant benefit is that my relationship with Miles has dramatically improved. I feel like his mum again.

– Simone, Miles’ Mum

TEQ-Secure has allowed my son to maintain his independence. And with this new technology, I have peace of mind.

– Lynette Macdonald

All products connect to the SOFIHUB Portal, a cloud-based platform that provides security and real-time access for caregivers. The portal can be accessed through smartphone, computer or tablet.