Transparency for Businesses

Employee Location Tracking System

It is a known fact that employees working alone are more vulnerable to threats of violence or personal injury than other members of the workforce. Our aim is to help businesses of all sizes increase safety, become more efficient and comply with legislative requirements.
Safety of workers is paramount to any business. SOFIHUB can ensure the safety of employees with personal tracking devices with SOS Button functionality. To comply with Occupational Health and Safety Legislation Australian employers have a duty of care to assess the risks faced by lone workers, and to ensure that remote works are not exposed to risk. And where they are exposed, the employer has take the appropriate measures to ensure their safety.
When thinking of remote or high risk workers we automatically think of workers in mining and agriculture, council workers, social services, delivery agents, sales staff, real estate, drivers, meter readers, charity workers, door knockers, security staff, cleaners, teachers, salespeople, and engineers, in fact almost every business has at least part of its workforce that at some point during the day performs their duties with an element of risk.
No organisation wants the financial impact of claims and unnecessary employee leave, or downtime as a result of incidents involving members of staff who have been put at avoidable risk whilst at work.

Get the Support Your Business Needs

Providing at risk employees with GPS tracking devices with SOS safety features can both satisfy your OHS obligations and provide essential management information. The SOFIHUB transparency beacon fulfils all the needs of Australian employers as well as being durable and accessible, it is light enough to fit in your pocket or around your neck, weighing the same as just a couple of 20c coins.
Every business has vital assets which keep them operating. Providing security and constant visibility of staff and equipment prevents losses and saves money.
SOFIHUB transparency beacon accesses the full Telstra mobile network, with built-in GPS tracking and customised software as standard. The help messages sent show the wearer’s location with accuracy to within 2 metres, employers and supervisors can call the mobile number of the beacon to be put through to speakerphone mode.

Features and benefits include:

  • GPS and Google maps to help find the wearer immediately
  • Improve productivity
  • Provide personal safety of staff
  • Employers can call the beacon in emergency scenario
  • Beacon can call out to nominated contacts
  • Waterproof and comfortable design
  • Price includes delivery, setup and SIM card
  • Comply with legislative requirements
  • Become an employer of choice

Peace of Mind, Without
the Complexity

Features like mobile GPS tracking and custom geofencing cater especially to employees who are often on the road, travelling between job sites, or are not working in a traditional office setting including hot desk office settings. 



Two-way Voice Calls

GPS capability


Nationwide coverage (3G/4G)

SOS feature

Ten emergency contacts

Vibration alerts

Fall detector

Peace of mind

Affordable & simple to use
For clarifications on common concerns

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will it be working?

As soon as you take it out of the box, the system will be working. However, to use the SOS feature, you will need to register your details through our portal to ensure your contacts are loaded up and then you are good to go!

At the moment, we provide it in black.

Secure is configured so that everyone in the family can have one.

Customers get access to the SOFIportal, which provides a comprehensive breakdown of the user’s activity, the status of the device and where the Secure is at that time. History can be accessed, settings can be changed and updates will be added automatically from our end.

There are three main markets for this device:

  • The elderly who want peace of mind whilst maintaining their independence
  • The young who want to feel safe when they go out on their own
  • Those with conditions which might present unexpectedly and therefore need care, e.g. diabetics
  • 1 x Secure
  • 1 x base station
  • 1 x Charging cable
  • 1 x lanyard

Through the SOFIportal.

There’s a password reset option on the portal homepage.

Secure has a SIM card and works on the cellular network. Secure needs a cellular connection to operate.

In Australia, both Telstra and Optus are supported. Please ensure you specify this when you order your Beacon.

In New Zealand, Spark Telecom is supported. Please ensure you specify this when you order your Beacon