4G Personal GPS Tracker

SOFIHUB travel is an easy to use mobile personal alert system, designed for travel enthusiasts, backpackers and avid explorers. It can issue an emergency SOS to multiple people at the touch of a button.

When help is needed, simply press the SOS button on your SOFIHUB travel to call up to three emergency contacts.
The SOFIHUB travel has 2 way voice communication so it provides your emergency contacts with the ability to call the beacon, should they need to contact you.

The Ultimate 4G Personal GPS Tracker

When it comes to personal tracking devices, the SOFIHUB travel is second to none. This 4G personal GPS tracker is battery-operated and portable, offering increased safety and freedom.
For travelers, the SOFIHUB travel gives you access to a web tracking platform that sends alerts if a user leaves a pre-set area. An alert can even be raised if a person enters a high-risk area.
If you’re out exploring and find yourself in an emergency situation where you’ve pressed the SOS button and no one is responding, rest assured knowing that the SOFIHUB personal tracker will continue to call each of your 3 emergency contacts until someone answers your call for help.

Key features include:

  • Portable, rechargeable and waterproof design
  • Nationwide coverage with SOS feature
  • Vibration alerts for a range of purposes
  • Can store up to 3 emergency contacts
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • 3G and 4G connectivity
  • Accurate GPS tracker included
  • 2-way speakerphone with scrollable numbers

Quick & Easy SOS

If you’re looking for small tracking devices in Australia, the SOFIHUB travel is an excellent choice. In an emergency, users press the SOS button to notify up to 3 contacts and send an SOS message with a GPS location and Google Map. The device also calls each stored number one at a time until someone answers the call.
This device works anywhere that there is a GPS signal. As one of the best personal GPS tracker around, it has 3G and 4G connectivity. In the event of an emergency, the GPS SOS tracker can be activated to send the first emergency contact on your list a message with your location. Additionally, SOFIportal makes the system incredibly easy to use, with information about battery level, signal strength, location history and more.



Two-way Voice Calls

GPS capability


Nationwide coverage (3G/4G)

SOS feature

Ten emergency contacts

Vibration alerts

Fall detector

Peace of mind

Affordable & simple to use
For clarifications on common concerns

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will it be working?

As soon as you take it out of the box, the system will be working. However, to use the SOS feature, you will need to register your details through our portal to ensure your contacts are loaded up and then you are good to go!

We offer three options for purchasing the SOFIHUB travel:

  • $249 with a monthly fee of $20
  • 24 month plan of $35.70, includes SIM
  • 36 month plan of $31.90, includes SIM

At the moment, we provide it in black.

SOFIHUB travel is configured so that everyone in the family can have one.

Customers get access to the SOFIportal, which provides a comprehensive breakdown of the user’s activity, the status of the device and where the SOFIHUB travel is at that time. History can be accessed, settings can be changed and updates will be added automatically from our end.

There are three main markets for this device:

  • The elderly who want peace of mind whilst maintaining their independence
  • The young who want to feel safe when they go out on their own
  • Those with conditions which might present unexpectedly and therefore need care, e.g. diabetics
  • 1 x SOFIHUB travel
  • 1 x base station
  • 1 x Charging cable
  • 1 x lanyard

You would have received a letter with the SOFIHUB travel. There are more detailed instructions by following this link.

Through the SOFIportal.

There’s a password reset option on the portal homepage.

SOFIHUB travel has a SIM card and works on the cellular network. SOFIHUB travel needs a cellular connection to operate.

In Australia, both Telstra and Optus are supported. Please ensure you specify this when you order your Beacon.

In New Zealand, Spark Telecom is supported. Please ensure you specify this when you order your Beacon