What Makes the SOFIHUB beacon the Best GPS Tracker on the Australian Market Today?

What Makes the SOFIHUB Beacon the Best GPS Tracker on the Australian Market Today?

What makes SOFIHUB beacon unique to any other GPS tracker on the market is the SOFIportal.

SOFIportal is is a web based, state of the art interface, exclusive to SOFIhub.

SOFIportal provides access for users of SOFIHUB products and services to manage their systems. Whether it’s checking on activity or behaviours, entering reminders for SOFIHUB home or reviewing location history for SOFIHUB beacon, all are available through the easily navigable portal, found at portal.sofihub.com

When you receive your device from Sofihub, the portal is designed to help you set it up. Assigning sensors to rooms, nominating carers or emergency contacts, naming your devices and setting up reminders – the portal is there for all of this.

For carers:

SOFIportal is designed to be easy to understand, providing functionality in all areas of your use of a SOFIHUB product. Taking you through the steps of setting up a system in the resident’s home, you will swiftly be able to enter all the relevant information required to ensure you get the ability to review the activities over which SOFIHUB is there to visualise. Once the details have been entered, you will find that the portal is constantly updated in realtime, showing you what each resident is up to, whether in the bathroom, resting in the bedroom or in another part of their home. You will soon be able to observe patterns in their behaviours, showing you what their daily activities are. Providing a snapshot of the technical status of the system, you will instantly know how SOFIHUB is working efficiently in the background. This provides you with the ability to ensure that those in your charge are receiving the fullest care possible.

For families:

We are all concerned about our family members as they grow older but want to ensure that they enjoy the fullest life possible. Whilst we are worried, SOFIportal provides an effective way for you to keep an eye on them without being seen to interfere in their lives. After a simple set up process, you can find that all the relevant detail you will need to find out as much as possible about your loved one’s behaviours will be presented in an easily comprehensible format. If you need to set up messages for your nearest, this is a simple and fast method of communication, through the friendly voice of SOFIHUB home. You will know as soon as you log in what the state of the system is and how the system is functioning, allowing you to make adjustments there and then. Constantly updating, the portal is your avenue to peace of mind as your closest enjoy their lives independently.

For users:

The portal has been designed as a way of showing you what’s been going on in your home. You can easily find out how you’ve been spending your time and what activities you have been doing. If you need to set some reminders for yourself for example, there is an easy interface which will ask you for a message, some times and then you will hear the SOFIHUB voice, passing on the information to you. You will be able to set your contacts and update them as they might change, program the volume of the hub or check on your sensor status – all through the simple portal.

For SOFIHUB home:

The portal is designed to help with setting up and managing the system. All the information that you need to know about the resident is displayed within, providing you with snapshots of current activities, patterns of past behaviours and the ability to adjust the features of the system, including adding or removing contacts, reminders and altering the volume.

For SOFIHUB beacon:

The portal is your first stop to set up your device and then the ability to adjust settings for future use, all the while being able to review behaviours and movements. Constantly updating, the portal will keep up to date with your movements in realtime. If you do have to contact someone in an emergency, they will be able to see your last GPS identified position in order to provide the best assistance.