Why SOFIHUB home Personal Alarm Systems for Seniors Is the Perfect Solution

Why SOFIHUB home is Perfect for Seniors

Why SOFIHUB home Personal Alarm Systems for Seniors Is the Perfect Solution

When mum and dad start to get a little older, they probably won’t spend as much of their time and effort staying up-to-date with the latest gadgets. The devices and technology on the modern landscape change so often, it’s hard for anyone to keep up. 

However, no matter how you feel about today’s tech, it’s hard to argue with the fact that it really does make life a lot easier for seniors. For instance, just look at SOFIHUB home. This simple daily assistant uses sensors around the house to provide greetings at the start of the day, deliver reminders to your loved ones and support people to live independently longer. 

With SOFIHUB home you can:

  • Enjoy more independence, even with mobility problems
  • Manage your life more completely with reduced vision

Personal Alarm Systems for Seniors can have a huge impact on the quality of life of someone with vision problems, arthritis, or limited dexterity in their hands. With SOFIHUB home, your elderly loved one, or senior parents can get the support of a warm and friendly digital assistant at any time. Features include:

  • Daily routine reminders
  • Volume control
  • Programmed sequences
  • Medication reminders
  • Weather updates
  • Event alerts

With pre-scheduled routines in place, seniors don’t need to remember to ask their smart speaker to tell them what they need to do each day. SOFIHUB home can recall everything from medication times to important birthdays. If you’re worried about introducing your loved ones to the benefits of SOFIHUB home, try giving them an insight into how this incredible tool could give them back some of the independence that they’ve lost. We all love our smart speakers and assistants today – why not give your senior relatives one of their own?