4 Ways SOFIHUB secure Kids Tracker Will Keep Your Children Safe

4 Ways SOFIHUB secure Tracker Will Keep Your Kids Safe

4 Ways SOFIHUB secure Kids Tracker Will Keep Your Children Safe

As parents, we all want to make sure that we’re looking after our kids and keeping them safe from harm. After all, our children are our number one priority – particularly if they have special needs that make it difficult for them to assess situations themselves. 

However, it can be difficult to walk the line between letting your child develop their own independence and keeping them shielded from danger. If your child has autism spectrum disorder, then you’ll want them to be able to live a normal and rich life, where they can play with their friends and explore the world around them. However, it’s impossible to achieve peace of mind when you don’t know where your children are, or whether they can reach you in times of danger. That’s where SOFIHUB secure can help. 

SOFIHUB secure is a leading global positioning system solution, or GPS tool designed for real-time tracking. Through cutting-edge technology, you can keep an eye on your children when they’re walking home from school or playing with friends. What’s more, SOFIHUB secure tag is the smallest and most lightweight tracking device on the market, so you can attach it to anything from a backpack to a keyring. Here are four of the ways SOFIHUB secure keeps your kids safe. 

You Can Set Up Your Own Geofence

Make sure that you always know where your children are with a kids tracker tag. You’ll be able to manage and customise the safe zones that are best for you, with Geo fences that are easy to establish and monitor as necessary. As soon as your child leaves a designated safety zone, you’ll be the first to know through a notification sent directly to your mobile app and online portal. You’ll even be able to save specific routes that your children usually take when walking to and from school. 

Any deviations from the chosen path on your SOFIHUB secure system will trigger an alert and allow you to see where your children are immediate. 

Receive Notifications Instantly

Children are always naturally curious, no matter what their background might be. Your child may want to explore the world around them, but they don’t always know which parts of that world are dangerous. With SOFIHUB secure tracking devices, you’ll be able to set up emergency notifications and SOS alerts if your child goes outside of their geofence zone. 

You can also set up alerts if your child falls, has a collision, or gets to a point where their device no longer has the right amount of battery. All of your notifications are available either via the app or SMS, and you can make voice calls to the tracker too! 

Two-Way Audio

As mentioned above, SOFIHUB secure GPS tracker is unique, because it comes equipped with a two-way system for audio communication. This means that you can speak through a tracking device in the same way that you would a mobile phone, and your child will hear your voice. Children may get overwhelmed in any dangerous situation and hearing your voice could help them to calm down and get the assistance that they need. 

There is no extra cost to access SMS and calling functions through the kids tracker, but this is nothing compared to the peace of mind that you get. 

Durable Performance

Finally, SOFIHUB secure comes with an ultra-long battery life and IP67 rated waterproof performance, to ensure that your little one will always have access to the support that they need. SOFIHUB has spent years investing in tools to make the connection between children and their parents as reliable as possible, which is why this device can last for anywhere up to 36 hours on one charge. 

SOFIHUB secure is an incredible tool for parents and children that want to stay connected no matter what might happen in their day to day lives. Discover the benefits for yourself today.