What to Look for In the Best Voice Assistant for the Elderly

What to Look for In the Best Voice Assistance for the Elderly

What to Look for In the Best Voice Assistant for the Elderly

Voice assistants are becoming increasingly valuable parts of our day-to-day lives. These clever little tools help us to get more done each day, by answering questions without the need for a computer, tracking information, and more. Today, countless people rely on smart devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home to help them manage everything from their security system to their lights. However, there are also voice assistants out there designed specifically for people with more significant needs.

For a vulnerable or elderly individual, the right voice assistant is one that can help that person to achieve the same quality of life they used to enjoy. The best voice assistant for the elderly will give the senior their independence back, along with a sense of security and confidence. At the same time, these devices give peace of mind to family, friends, and loved ones too!

The Key Features of a Senior Voice Assistant

So, what makes the right kind of voice assistant stand out for seniors? Well, today’s state-of-the-art systems can use numerous tools to give families and individuals more control over their living situation. For instance, the SOFIHUB home adaptive care technology allows elderly individuals to access the independence they need, with useful reminders for appointments and medications, and intelligent machine learning. When you’re hunting for the best voice assistant for the elderly, look for:

  • User friendliness: Voice assistants are often excellent for seniors because they don’t come with a huge learning curve. There’s no complicated screen to get used to. All the elderly individual needs to do is ask for what they want. A device with friendly greetings that reminds a user it’s there is a great choice.
  • Reminders: Reminder services are particularly valuable in voice assistants for the elderly, who might have a hard time tracking their schedule. SOFIHUB home offers reminders for everything from bin days and medication, to appointments, birthdays and other events.
  • A comprehensive portal: A back-end portal for friends and family members is a must-have for a good voice assistant for older people. With a reliable hub, you can add reminders to your loved one’s schedule, view their activity, and access useful information about any extra help that they might need.
  • Carer notifications: An intelligent assistant can be just as useful for a care provider as it is for a senior citizen. Carer notifications will keep care providers informed about when medications are skipped or forgotten, and which appointments are attended.

Stepping into the Future of Senior Care

Intelligent voice assistants aren’t solutions reserved entirely for modern youngsters who want to have the latest tech in their homes. Tools like the SOFIHUB home can give people of all abilities and ages the freedom they need to live safely and independently. With time-based messages that play according to individual user needs, medication reminders and more, this smart assistant can make your senior loved one’s life easier while offering you peace of mind.

In some cases, the right voice assistant for the elderly can even allow your loved ones to stay in their own home for longer so that they don’t need to move into a supported care facility.