In-home Technology Supporting Independent Living

In-home Technology Supporting Independent Living

It’s no secret that Australia’s aged care housing industry is in need of an overhaul.

A recent report from The Royal Commission into Aged Care has identified that factors such as the design, affordability and availability of aged care environments is having a negative effect on the quality of life for senior residents. The report identified that noisy facilities combined with an inappropriate mix of residents and poor visual layouts, had lead to an increase in the psychological and behavioural symptoms of dementia and distress in the elderly.

Disturbingly, these less-than-ideal environments have resulted in an over-use of medical and physical restraints to subdue harmful patient behaviour.

What’s the solution?

While Australians wait for aged care facilities to improve, there is an alternative solution to help keep seniors in their homes for longer, remain independent and manage their care with the help of family and friends.

Senior monitoring devices like the SOFIHUB home can give individuals and their families access to a smart assistant that helps with day-to-day care. The SOFIHUB home has the functionality to notify elderly individuals when to take their medication, keep appointments, and more.

Additionally, the SOFIHUB home offers a back-end portal that allows family members to set and send friendly greetings or reminders from the home hub to their elderly relatives.

This new technology replaces the reliance for full time specialist care with a fantastic high-tech support solution, ultimately allowing older individuals to maintain their freedom, stay at home for longer and alleviate the need to enter an aged care facility.