SOFIHUB home – The Exciting New Device for the Elderly Living Alone

SOFIHUB home - The Exciting New Device for the Elderly Living Alone

Device for the Elderly Living Alone

Aging is inevitable, but as time presses on the loss of independence is often one of the hardest changes to accept. As we age our innate abilities decline and simple day-to-day tasks become harder. This causes concern for both elderly individuals and their families. What if there was a simple new device created for the elderly living alone? A device whose primary function is to keep your elderly family members safe and allow them to live their best lives. SOFIHUB has created just that. A technology that gives people who need it the most, the freedom to live independently in their own homes.

Your Families Safety is our Number One Priority

SOFIHUB home monitors daily patterns, alerting family members if something appears out of place. Sensors placed throughout the house track simple routines; whether your elderly parent has woken up late, not opened the medicine cabinet or are an unusually long time in the bathroom. If it perceives any changes of activity then an instant message is sent to you. Giving you the opportunity to act promptly and keep your family members safe.

Peace of Mind

At any time you can log on to the web portal to check your loved one’s movements. SOFIHUB doesn’t listen in to conversations or record video. It also doesn’t require internet access and is great when other forms of communication are unavailable. For example, if you have called your elderly parent and they have forgotten to hang up the phone you are able to send a voice message via the SOFIHUB home to remind them verbally to hang up the phone.

Living with SOFIHUB

SOFIHUB home offers a morning greeting, weather updates and any important events for the day. This device for the elderly living at home is also a friendly companion throughout the day. Verbalising messages to let your loved one that you are thinking of them, to watch their favorite show, an important birthday or a book club meeting.

Ultimately your family members’ safety and happiness are paramount. SOFIHUB created this device for the elderly living alone so that your parent or family member can continue to live their life on their own terms. With the confidence to live at home independently.