Peace of Mind With SOFIHUB’s GPS Tracker for Kids

GPS Tracker for Kids

GPS Tracker for Kids

As parents we want our children to experience the freedom we had at their age. We want them to be able to walk to school one their own, cycle to the playground with friends and trust that they will be safe at a party.

GPS Tracker for Kids with GPS locator

The SOFIHUB GPS child tracker is a multifunctional tracking device that monitors where your child is at all times. It is the only GPS tracker available in Australia for children that uses 4G connectivity and a pinpoint GPS locator. With total national coverage, you can track your child’s movements and be sure of their safety.

GPS Tracker for Kids with Emergency SOS button and two-way speakerphone

SOFIHUB understands a child’s desire to explore and sometimes their adventurous nature may lead them to an undesirable situation. As a result, SOFIHUB has developed a GPS tracking device. You can use the two-way speakerphone to ring your child and reassure yourself of their safety. If your child needs you, they just press the emergency SOS button and the small tracking device automatically sends a text message to your phone, notifying you of your child’s location.

The tracker can store up to three emergency contacts, offering the you complete peace of mind of knowing that your child can always be reached.

SOFIHUB is designed for children of all ages

Adaptable for everyone, the TEQ-Secure Safety Pendant can give your teenager the freedom they are demanding whilst giving you peace of mind. Alternatively, you can place the SOS safety pendant on your curious toddler and know where they are at all times. Simply use your mobile phone to map their location or call the two-way speakerphone directly. SOFIHUB has created one of the smallest tracking devices with children in mind. The lightweight device is portable, it can be worn around the neck, clipped to a school bag or placed in a pocket. It’s easily rechargeable and is waterproof.