Can Anyone of Any Age Use SOFIHUB?

pill taking reminder

Pill Taking Reminder

SOFIHUB home is a device that improves quality of life and encourages positive living for people of all ages. The state of the art digital assistant provides spoken reminders about daily tasks and can be used with personal tracking technology to safeguard movements. People from all backgrounds including those with a disability and the elderly can use SOFIHUB home. SOFIHUB home is a proactive home companion and an essential medication reminder device. 

SOFIHUB home is designed to reduce reliance on caregivers allowing users to remain independent. SOFIHUB home encourages positive living in a safe environment. Think of it as a companion for around the home. One that will greet you when you wake up, remind you when to take your medication and will never let you forget a birthday or a doctor’s appointment again. SOFIHUB home removes some of the anxieties of living alone by providing support when you need it.

SOFIHUB home pill taking reminder is easy to use and hands-free

For those of us who struggle with fiddly manual devices, SOFIHUB home is completely hands-free once set up. The voice-activated device is beneficial for the vision-impaired or those who struggle with memory. The device is activated through a normal speaking voice. You simply register an activation password and you can use SOFIHUB home to set reminders for you throughout the day. Tell SOFIHUB home when you need to take your medicine, when your dentist appointment is or when you want to wake up and it will remind you at the appropriate time. Tell SOFIHUB home where you left your car keys and ask it to remind you again as you leave the house.

Personal Tracker System

If you have a less able or elderly family member that lives alone SOFIHUB home can provide reassurance through its tracking system. Set up SOFIHUB home sensors throughout your family members home and it will track their normal daily movement and send you an alert if something seems out of place. If they are late to bed or haven’t opened the medicine cabinet SOFHUB home will inform you via text message straight to your mobile. 

Interactive web portal

Family members can set reminders and notifications on SOFIHUB home remotely. Use the web portal to set appointments or leave intelligent messages. You can inform your loved one you are running late without them having to get up from their seat to find the phone. The remote web portal gives you complete peace of mind, the ability to set appointments and check they are ok without bothering them. 

SOFIHUB home is the supportive caregiving assistant that can be used by people of all abilities and ages. This medication reminder device uses state of the art technology to make life easier for users and their family members.