My NDIS Personal Alarm – “It Can Help Anyone” Josh Taylor

“My NDIS Personal Alarm - I Think It Will Help out Anyone” - Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor is a young man who was on his way to the supermarket one day. Unfortunately, he pulled in at a set of lights too early and was t-boned by another vehicle. The accident affected Josh’s memory and concentration levels and as a result he needed assistance to help him live independently.  The additional help he needed came in the form of a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) personal alarm. Josh talks about his experience and how his NDIS personal alarm has helped him remain in his home. In Josh’s words, he believes “It can help anyone”.

NDIS Personal Alarm System

After Josh’s accident the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) installed the personal alarm at Josh’s home. The system uses low cost sensors which are placed throughout the home. It also has a ‘hub’ which collects data from the sensors that are placed in different rooms and learns peoples behavioural patterns.

The system can remind Josh to take his medication or when to eat lunch for example. He says the technology ‘can help anyone 100%’, who is in a similar situation as he is. We also spoke to Josh’s mother Lynette Macdonald who said the technology has helped Josh to ‘gain independence’. She also believes the technology has given her peace of mind too.

Liz Cairns, Head of Independence from TAC reports that ‘there are 6,000 clients who they support within the independence division and about 70% of those people have some form of brain injury’. She believes the technology has some very ‘wide ranging benefits for many of their clients’.

Where to from here?

Josh has been using the technology for some time now and is a firm believer it can help anyone. He has been able to maintain the ability to live freely since his accident. For anyone living with a disability who would like to know more about personal alarm systems, visit to learn more.

Alternatively, call 1800 110 366 and speak to a consultant.