How Fall Detection Tools are Moving Beyond Basic Pendants

How Fall Detection is Moving Beyond Basic Pendants

How Fall Detection Tools are Moving Beyond Basic Pendants

Just because your loved ones might be getting older, doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to be shipped off to a home. Instead, we’re discovering new technology that can make it easier for loved ones to keep track of their elderly relatives in their own homes.

Fall detection tools have been around for a little while now, the most common fall detection device in the market today is the fall detection pendant, which is becoming increasingly more intelligent.

Transforming the Fall Detection Market

The original fall detection pendants available in the healthcare market where basic plastic cylinders that included a button that seniors could press if they needed help. These pendants were worn around the neck or wrist for easy access. While some people still rely on devices like that today, many seniors are moving towards more intelligent tools for protection against falls and trips.

For instance, SOFIHUB beacon looks like a standard fall detection pendant at first glance. However, when you dive deeper, you begin to realise just how much it’s capable of. Like traditional beacons and pendants, the SOFIHUB beacon has a central button system that can send an SOS alert to an emergency responder, as well as any personal contacts that have been set up with the device.

Aside from the SOS alert, SOFIHUB beacon also comes with a wide array of other features, such as global positioning so that you can immediately pinpoint your loved ones’ location wherever they are. You can even use the SOFIHUB portal system to see where your relatives have been in the last few hours while they had their pendant with them.

SOFIHUB beacon also features unique two-way communication through a built-in speakerphone, so those elderly individuals can explain the cause of an alert to a loved one, reducing the risk of false alerts.

Making Fall Detection More Intelligent.

The GPS tracking built into SOFIHUB beacon also means that it’s possible for loved ones to track down the people that might have had a fall even if they’re not in their own home. This means that elderly individuals can continue to enjoy their freedom and independence, with an extra dose of peace of mind. What’s more, SOFIHUB beacon is small and lightweight enough that users can carry it with them wherever they go without noticing the extra weight.

While seniors might not be able to get used to the confusing and complex features of a smartphone that allows them to contact people when they’re on the go, SOFIHUB offers a quick and easy way to access emergency assistance when something goes wrong. At the same time, SOFIHUB beacon can also be combined with SOFIHUB home – a personal assistant and reminder solution that makes it easier for loved ones to check that their senior relatives are taking medications on time and attending appointments.

With both SOFIHUB beacon and SOFIHUB home, elderly individuals can continue to maintain their independence. SOFIHUB ensures that the risk of falls caused by missed medication and appointments is reduced. Alternatively, SOFIHUB beacon ensures that seniors can access help when they need it most.

Increasingly intelligent solutions for fall detection are changing the way that we can provide care to our seniors and vulnerable citizens.