How Can SOFIHUB Help Someone Living With Dementia?

How Can SOFIHUB Help Someone Living With Dementia?

Tracking Devices for Dementia Patients In Australia

Dementia is a life-altering syndrome that affects an individual’s memory, behaviour and ability to perform everyday activities. This condition is a frightening reality for over 50 million people worldwide. 

It’s a progressive syndrome that impacts people in their middle to late age. Currently, there is a lack of understanding and education around the condition which can lead to anxiety for sufferers and their family/carers.

However, with today’s technology, a diagnosis of dementia doesn’t necessarily mean that life has to change instantly.

If you have a loved one that has been diagnosed with dementia, one of the first things to think about is how to make their home safe and secure whilst giving the you peace of mind. 

Home Tracking Devices For Dementia Patients

SOFIHUB has created a device to help people living with dementia. The SOFIHUB home is a tracking device for dementia patients that monitors a person’s activity and informs the caregiver of any unusual activity. 

This device helps family members with daily life by providing timely reminders and assistance.  

The SOFIHUB home can help patients navigate through the following stages of dementia: 

Stage 1: Frequent memory lapses occur, these will include difficulty remembering new names, misplacement of objects and struggling with complex problems such as managing finances. 

With the SOFIHUB home, unobtrusive sensors are placed around the home that monitor normal daily movements. They track the usual time a person rises and goes to bed, when they eat or when they shower. If any behaviour outside of their usual activity are detected, family members or carers will be notified and they can take appropriate action. 

Stage 2: More severe memory lapses occur around personal history, names, conversations and places. Sufferers may forget where they live, start wandering and need to be safeguarded at this point. At this stage, a person who is living at home will need assistance in many areas. Quality of life at home can be maintained with proper care and the aid of a tracking device. 

SOFIHUB home works as a vocal diary and reminder system for people who forget important tasks or events. Patients and their families can set time-based reminders for birthdays, rubbish bin day, medication, as well as carer notifications. By placing a sensor near the medicine cabinet, the SOFIHUB home can monitor if medicine has been taken.

Sadly there is still no cure for dementia. However SOFIHUB have made living at home for dementia suffers a possibity. It offers reassurance that someone living alone with dementia is still active and well within their own home. For patients, SOFIHUB home activity monitor is the backup they need in those occasions where memory fails them. Give your loved one the support they need to carry on their daily routine with confidence.