The SOFIHUB home’s Medication Alarm and NDIS

The SOFIHUB home’s Medication Alarm and NDIS

Medication Alarm

The SOFIHUB Personal Reminder Device is now available as part of the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme). 

SOFIHUB is working closely with the national scheme to bring the independence and freedom to people who need them most, through the use of personal care alarms. 

The SOFIHUB home is a simple but effective device for at-home independence intended to support people that may have memory limitations.  This incredible technology provides people living with disabilities, a smart companion to maintain a safe, independent and positive life.

The right technology, like medication alarms, can make an incredible difference in the life of someone craving independence.

By utilising advanced medication alarm systems and intelligent technology, the SOFIHUB home can remind users to:

  • take their medications at the right time
  • visit physical therapy or doctors’ appointments                                                                                                               

The sensors built into the system also adapt to the unique needs of each person.  Users can install systems that instantly alert care professionals if they fall or are incapacitated. These fall sensors and stay-safe systems ensure that people get the help they need immediately. 

Thanks to the advanced and easy-to-use SOFIHUB web portal, people with limited mobility or people living with a disability don’t need to worry about setting the device up on their own. Family members and care providers can set up medication reminders, greetings, and other essential messages on a user’s behalf. 

SOFIHUB home helps care professionals and family members learn more about their loved one’s well being. It gives vital insights into crucial patterns of behaviour. Care providers can even access this information via messages on their online web portal or remote mobile device. 

You can speak to the team at SOFIHUB to learn more about applying for the SOFIHUB home through the NDIS.