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Discover Sofihub’s Personal Safety Products

Discover Sofihub’s Personal Safety Products

Raising awareness about personal safety products is vital to people’s well-being, no matter their age. Sofihub creates devices like the beacon pendant alarm that solves problems many don’t about until something terrible happens. Although personal safety products are typically thought of for the elderly, there is a much broader range of people who can use…

How a Personal Safety Alarm Can Help People With a Condition

How a Personal Safety Alarm Can Help People with a Condition

With a personal safety alarm, people can get the assistance they need to live safely and peacefully. Personal safety alarms are ideal for people living with a particular condition or disorder such as epilepsy, anxiety, or PTSD. With a personal alarm like the SOFIHUB Beacon, someone experiencing an event like a panic attack can get…

The Easy To Use Sofihub Beacon Safety Pendant That Keeps Your Family Connected And Safe

safety pendant for seniors

Whether shopping for family, friends, or co-workers, it can be challenging to find the perfect gift. During this holiday period, you can give the gift of reassurance with a safety pendant for seniors. Whether there’s an older adult in your life that lives on their own or a family friend with a grandma or grandpa,…