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What Can Aged Care Facilities Do to Maintain High Levels of Care Support?

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It is well known within the Healthcare industry that residential care facilities ideally need to focus on three areas if they want to maintain consistently high levels of care support and meet aged care compliance standards (Aged care quality standards apply to all Australian Government-funded aged care services). Wellness The best facilities work towards improving…

How to Keep Your Residents Safe With an Elderly Medical Alarm

elderly medical alarm

Disturbing media reports about the ill-treatment of elders across Australia’s residential care facilities contributed to the Government setting up a Royal Commission inquiry. While it is essential to report instances of abuse, neglect, and assault, we seem to hear very little about the older people who are living happily in an aged care facility. The…

The Positive Impact of Medical Alarms For Seniors in Retirement Villages

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Across Australia, there are 2,200 retirement villages, housing over 180,000 seniors ranging in age from 55 to 100. But despite being an indispensable social necessity, Australia’s retirement villages face three major challenges. Inadequately skilled labour: A lack of specialised training, low pay, excessive work demands and lack of career opportunities frustrate workers, leading them to…