1-in-5 Parents Use Tracking Devices for Kids

1-in-5 Parents Use Tracking Devices for Kids

Is it healthy to monitor your kids? 

Well, as a parent, you’ve got an absolute responsibility of caring for your children, so you do need to know their whereabouts around the clock. For those with school-going children, having information on when they arrive and leave the school compound is vital. Although you can do this manually, it can be challenging if your children go to school by themselves.

As technology advances, the use of tracking devices for kids is now an accepted trend. You can track your child throughout the day without leaving your home. 

According to an RCH National Child Health Poll commissioned by the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, one in every five parents uses a tracking device to monitor their kids in Australia. 

But is it worth it, and what are the benefits? Let’s find out!

Essential Reasons to Track Children

During the study, parents gave varying reasons for using tracking devices to keep an eye on the location of their children. Some of these reasons were:


A large number of parents gave a lack of comfort as the trigger of using these tracking devices. The parent felt a high level of discomfort whenever their kids travelled without an adult in tow. 

The cases of worry were worse when children were of tender age. For these parents, tracking devices came in very handy, enabling them to know where their children were at every moment. This aspect enhanced their comfort and peace of mind.

Child Safety  

Safety was the next reason for parents using tracking devices. 

All parents, naturally, want to make sure that their kids are safe around-the-clock. Like you, participating parents in this study had the same feelings. 

For instance, with the SOFIHUB secure for Children in case of an incident, the device can issue an emergency SOS to multiple people at the touch of a button. It also has mobile network technology and global positioning to instantly pinpoint a child’s location and enable immediate voice contact using a built-in speakerphone.

By using these devices, parents can trace the exact locations of their kids and help them instantly in case of an emergency.

Reduce Child Anxiety

As children, your parents are your first line of security. For many Australian kids, as with any other children, being in a strange place can lead to a sense of insecurity. 

According to the research, some parents stated that the tracking devices made their kids feel at ease as they felt more secure knowing that their parents had real-time information about their current location.

Tight Work Schedules 

Many Australian parents work full-time. 

Due to this aspect, many lack time to walk children to and from school. Letting children walk by themselves creates a sense of worry among many parents due, primarily, to child abduction issues or potential traffic hazards. 

For these reasons, tracking devices for kids have become an essential component of the morning walk or ride to school. Parents have peace of mind knowing their children are safe as they get on with their day.

 However, as much as tracking devices have many benefits, there are some downsides. Here, we look at some of them to help you form informed decisions about this technology.

What Parents Need To Know Before Using Trackers on Their Kids

While tracking devices help in enhancing child safety, they are not perfect. Thus, parents need to know several things before using them.

They Do Not Offer Children the Necessary Skills 

Like other GPS trackers, tracking devices for kids, only process data. They only show the parent the exact location of their kids. The device does not offer the necessary skills that your kids need to navigate the current situation. 

For instance, they cannot show the kids how to cross the road or deal with strangers. It is your duty as a parent to impart such skills to your kids.

They’re Useless If Your Kids Don’t Cooperate

Devices can introduce “helicopter parenting,” which could make your child feel uneasy. 

If you don’t involve your children in making decisions about using trackers, and explain to them why it’s essential they use them, you may encounter challenges. Hence, it’s always a good idea to treat your child with respect, explain the reasons behind using the tracker and involve them in knowing how to use them to stop your child from refusing to cooperating, rendering these trackers useless.  

Final Thoughts

The use of tracking devices for kids needs a family-based approach to be successful. Every member of the family should be part of the decision-making process; otherwise, you may fail in achieving your desired objectives.   

For detailed information on the SOFIHUB Secure for Children with 4G GPS tracking, please do reach out to us. Our expert team members will explain how the device works, the benefits, and how it can help you keep your kids safe.