Personal Alarm Devices for the Elderly

Personal Alarm Devices for the Elderly

The use of technology does not only benefit the younger generation but, the older one as well. 

As young people continue to use technology for entertainment, study, and other activities, most aged people use technology for health improvement and safety purposes. For seniors, technology is changing their retirement life for the better, making them more independent and secure. 

Back in the day when aged parents got to an age where they needed to depend on someone to take care of them, most would get signed in to aged care facilities away from their families and their comfortable surroundings. 

Today, personal alarm devices for the elderly provide a chance to choose between going to a home for the elderly and staying within the comfort of your home; most people prefer the latter. 

Personal alarm devices are gadgets that call for help when there is an emergency, or when the user needs help or medical attention. The user presses a button and immediately receives a call back to determine the kind of assistance required. 

These devices:

  • Can be worn around the neck or wrist
  • Are connected to a central monitoring station and other programmed numbers 24/7
  • Allow you to communicate with your loved one or charge at any time
  • Come with GPS Locators for easy tracking
  • Are waterproof and fall-proof for enhanced durability and longevity

The Benefits of Using Personal Alarm Devices for the Elderly

They Keep the Elderly Social Connected

Humans are social beings – old or not; we all want some connection with other people. 

As much as seniors need to be independent, talking to loved ones makes them feel cared for and loved. Personal alarm gadgets allow you to keep in touch with your older loved one, letting them know that you are thinking about them, to make them feel a part of the family despite the distance. 

They Provide a Sense of Freedom and Security

Most seniors we have come across want to remain in their home all through – a place they feel comfortable and familiar. In-home support devices have increased the number of seniors living alone, such that, In case of a fall or an intrusion, all the user needs to do is press a button for help to arrive immediately. 

They Help the Elderly to Stay Active

Seniors love doing things for themselves, mostly because they don’t want to depend on anyone. 

With just the help of alarm devices, they can maintain this independent spirit and do most manageable duties for themselves like emptying the bin, cooking light meals or walking their pet. Such activities will keep them occupied and active for the better part of the day, and increase their physical and mental wellbeing. 

They Act As Personal Reminders

With personal alarm devices, you won’t have to keep calling your loved one to remind them to take their medication or get ready for their doctor’s appointment. 

A device such as SOFIHUB Home does that for you to ensure that your senior does not miss any critical appointments or medication. Also, aging parents or family members won’t feel like they are being micromanaged with constant phone calls, which can make them frustrated and stressed. 

They Provide Access to Immediate Help

Old age comes with fragility and underlying health complications; it is crucial to have help available at any given time. 

You and your aging parent can seek consultations from your healthcare provider through the web portal with personal alarm devices for the elderly, as well update your parents’ nurse or doctor about any progress or emerging issue. 

Personal Alarm Devices for the Elderly

The number of older people is growing at a higher rate compared to other age groups. 

Health care providers and their families can get overwhelmed with the amount of attention the elderly require, and personal alarm devices for the elderly help in providing adequate healthcare services and personal care to older people. 

By using these devices, you help the elderly stay connected with their loved ones or friends, making them feel safe and secure in their own homes. Also, you enjoy the benefits of having immediate access to health care providers and reminders for doctor’s appointments and other essential set reminders.

Do you have an elderly loved one or family member living separately who might benefit from alarm devices? Contact SOFIHUB for more information on how we can customise one for you.