Medical Alert Pendants Keep Older Adults Safe In and Out of their Homes

Falls are the primary injury-related cause of death among people in Australia aged 75 and over and are responsible for many hospitalisations. Approximately 30% of adults aged 65 and over experiencing at least one fall each year.

The rate is set to increase as Australia’s population continues to age; the proportion of people aged 65 and over experiencing at least one fall per year is likely to increase from 3 million people (14%) at the beginning of the decade in 2010 14% 8.1 million people (23%) in 2050.

As many older adults now prefer to live independently in their homes, instead of in an assisted living facility or care home, medical alert pendants are increasing in popularity as they enable independent living without compromising on security and safety.

What Is a Medical Alert Pendant and How Does It Work?

Medical safety pendant alerts are pendants or bracelets worn around the neck, wrist, or clipped to the waist and serve an SOS alert.

The SOFIHUB TEQ-Secure is one such example of a medical alert pendant that is lightweight and portable. Users can wear them on the body and are ideal for use in the bath or shower, where most elderly fall incidents occur as they are waterproof.

The pendant acts as a communication device; if a fall or other emergency occurs all the user needs to do to get help is to press the button, and an SOS signal will be sent to a response centre or designated contact. It has a speakerphone and calls the response centre or caregiver to enable two-way voice-to-voice communication.

Medical safety pendants are ideal for people living with chronic illnesses that need careful management like cardiovascular disease, anaemia, stroke, poor vision, vertigo, muscle weakness, and the side effects of taking medications such as dehydration and dizziness.

Features of the SOFIHUB TEQ-Secure Medical Pendant

The TEQ-Secure is an excellent safety device that comes to the aid of older adults in distress. A quick press of the button alerts loved ones, caregivers, or a central response centre that the user needs help, and enables for an immediate response.

Medical alert pendants like the TEQ-Secure also have fall detection technology, which is crucial as when the user falls and loses consciousness, the pendant can still send out an alert to the designated contact or response centre.

These pendants are GPS-enabled. These capabilities easily allow users to take a trip to the local grocery store or go for a walk, knowing that they can still be found if an accident or fall occurs.

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe With The SOFIHUB TEQ-Secure Safety Pendant

The SOFIHUB TEQ-Secure is a portable, rechargeable, and lightweight medical alert pendant that’s easy to use, automated, GPS-enabled and waterproof. It makes it easier for older adults or people living with disabilities and chronic illnesses to live alone at home.

If you’d like to know more about how this medical alert pendant can help your loved one, visit our online SOFIHUB store or call 1300 110 366 today.