Personal Alarm Pendants Helping to Improve Health and Wellbeing

Personal Alarm Pendants for Elderly Persons Are Changing the Remote Monitoring of their Health and Wellbeing

Personal alarm pendants are giving older people the freedom to live their lives independently in their homes, instead of in an assisted living facility or aged care home.

With the touch of a button, these pendants enable users to alert a designated caregiver that they have had an accident and need help. In Australian today, falls are the number one cause of hospitalisations for older adults with one in three persons aged 65 and over experiencing a fall annually.

If an older person who has fallen does not get the help they need immediately; they can succumb to a range of health problems including:

  • Decreased quality of life
  • Anxiety and panic
  • Functional decline
  • Loss of confidence

These occurrences can eventually impact their ability to live alone. Personal alert pendants like the SOFIHUB beacon can assist elderly people living independently.

What is the SOFIHUB beacon?

The SOFIHUB beacon is a personal alarm worn around the neck or on the body. In times of distress, this alert pendant can be pressed by the person in distress to alert a family member, caregiver, or response centre that help is required.

This safety pendant enables the user to call for help quickly and efficiently. They can be used anywhere in the home, including in the shower, where a majority of falls happen.

When pressed, this device immediately sends a signal to a 24-hour monitoring response service or designated caregiver, family member, or friend to alert them that help is needed.

Key features of the SOFHUB beacon include:

  • 3G/4G mobile coverage
  • Geofencing with alerts via Google maps
  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Rechargeable
  • SOS feature
  • Three programmable emergency contacts
  • Two-way voice-to-voice calling
  • Vibration alerts
  • Waterproof design

How does the SOFIHUB beacon work?

If a resident or patient falls, feels unwell, or finds themselves in an emergency, they simply press the SOS button on the alert pendant around their wrist or neck. Up to three emergency contacts will then be notified.

The device allows the caregiver to speak to the client using a voice-to-voice feature on the device, which is crucial as most users in an emergency may not be able to reach the phone. With the SOFOHUB beacon, you can talk to your elderly loved one or patient no matter where they are, in the home or outside, as long as there is mobile phone coverage in the area.

The response takes well under 2 minutes, and once the type of help needed is ascertained, action can be taken to contact relevant persons or the emergency services.

This pendant comes ready to go. However, you’ll need to register the user’s details on the SOFIHUB portal to use the SOS feature. The SOFIHUB beacon also comes with a SIM card and will need a cellular network to operate.

Who can benefit from the SOFIHUB beacon?

Alert pendants for the elderly like the SOFIHUB beacon are extremely valuable when it comes to give individuals and their family members a sense of security.

They are also assist:

  • People living with disabilities
  • People living with chronic health conditions like MS, Diabetes and Alzheimer’s
  • People recovering from a surgery
  • People living with mental health conditions

Ultimately, it’s the peace of mind and independent living that these devices provide that makes them so valuable to modern care provision for the elderly.

Response centres can assess the seriousness of a situation within minutes, and get the right help quickly determining whether a designated caregiver can handle the situation or if the emergency services need to be called. They also calm the person in distress as the device allows for the emergency contacts to keep in touch until help arrives.

These mobile alarm pendants also allow the older person to leave home with confidence. Should an accident happen as they are out walking, at the library, shopping for groceries, or even on holiday, they can still call for help no matter their location, and remain confident that help will arrive within minutes.

Safeguard the wellbeing of your elderly loved ones; get them the SOFIHUB beacon today

Alert pendants for elderly persons have made safe, independent living a reality. They are portable, so your loved one need not be confined to the home.

If you want to learn more about how the SOFIHUB beacon personal alarm pendant can help improve your loved one’s quality of life, give SOFIHUB a ring on 1300 110 366 or contact us directly on the website. We will get back to you promptly to discuss how we can help you.