How Reporting Technologies Have Transformed Aged Care in Australia

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The aged care sector in Australia is undergoing a technology revolution.

Australian aged care facilities have invested the funding they received from the government’s Aged Care Funding Instrument, equaling approximately $1,000 per bed, to invest in software systems that help them with accreditation reporting.

Technology in Healthcare

Reporting Technologies Can Be Used in Various Aged Care Environments

In-Home Care

Monitoring technologies like the SOFIHUB pro solution has revolutionised in-home care and 24/7 patient and resident monitoring. The system monitors the residents’ home using the latest smart technology, immediately sending an alert notification to the central portal in the event of abnormal patient behaviour.

Independent Living Units

The SOFIHUB pro solution is a fantastic aid for the more vulnerable members of the community in independent living units and SDA by providing both privacy and security.

The system also comes with interactive displays that can report daily activities and well being. If the resident is alone, they and their loved ones have peace of mind knowing that should any irregularities occur, their nominated contacts will be notified and help will be on its way.

Out-Patient Care and Hospital Shared Care

The SOFIHUB pro solution is one of the most versatile monitoring systems in the market today that can be used for hospital outpatient programs and shared care arrangements. What’s more, the system is scalable and can be customised, so hospitals and outpatient care centres can install the system with ease and integrate it into current health monitoring systems effortlessly.

Technology in Healthcare

How Do Monitoring Technologies Like the Sofihub pro solution Work?

The primary function of these digital systems is to detect anomalies in the patient’s routine, remotely. Systems like the SOFIHUB pro solution utilise sensors strategically placed around patients’ or residents’ hospital room or residential home that effectively detect any abnormal occurrences.

If any anomalies in behaviour are detected, an alert is immediately raised and sent to a centralised monitoring system. This system then automatically notifies the designated healthcare professional or care provider that the patient or resident needs their immediate attention.

They system allows important reminders to be set, such as:

  • Bathroom visits
  • Medication reminders
  • Out of bed movement
  • Inactivity which may indicate a fall
  • Bespoke sensor technology such as humidity and temperature sensing
  • Unusual activity alarms, e.g. intruder alert

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The Benefits of Using Technology in Healthcare

The SOFIHUB pro solution system has several advantages that assist caregivers and health professionals to:

  • Help Improve chronic conditions with evidence-based care plans
  • Monitor multiple patients or residents simultaneously
  • Reduce patient or resident emergencies and re-admissions
  • Respond to a resident or patient health emergency quickly
  • Support patient-based care

Incorporate the SOFIHUB pro solution Into Your Aged Care Service Facility Today

Reporting technologies in aged care transform the delivery of care to residents in hospitals, homes, independent living units, and aged care facilities.
These systems can be customised to your facility or care environment and can be integrated into current digital care systems to combine your past and future aged care digitisation investments.

Contact SOFIHUB today online or by calling 1300 110 366 to learn more about the SOFIHUB pro solution. Find out how we can help you incorporate this reporting technology into your aged care facility, hospital or home.