The Importance of SOFIHUB Home Personal Reminder Device during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Undeniably the COVID-19 pandemic which burst onto the global stage in early 2020 has changed the way we live our lives in every possible way.

Unlike before, human interaction, especially with family members and loved ones, is restricted more than ever before. Isolation is now the norm with governments the world over enforcing strict self-isolation measures, particularly, when it comes to visiting senior, seriously ill, disabled, or special needs individuals.

However, these people are classified as “most at-risk” in this pandemic due to their age or underlying health issues. The question to health and care providers, is, “How do we provide care to the aged, disabled, or seriously ill in the community without putting their health and their lives at risk?”

Fortunately, healthcare technology like SOFIHUB home personal reminder device is enabling care providers, family, and friends to connect with the elderly and other at-risk persons. This communication ensures that they keep healthy and do not succumb to loneliness, depression, or the effects of inadequate diets, falls, injuries, and missed medication.

What is SOFHUB home?

SOFIHUB home is an ambient, assisted-living system that promotes the health, wellbeing, and independence of the aging, special needs, disabled or seriously ill people via the use of smart technology.

This technology is adaptive and gives people of all ages and abilities the confidence, peace of mind, and freedom and confidence to live independently, by reducing their reliance on family, loved ones, or carers. This technology does so due to key features that enable it to monitor patients in their homes passively. These include:

  • Inactivity due to possible falls
  • Behaviour-based notification alerts
  • Text-to-voice messaging
  • Timed voice medication reminders

SOFIHUB home and How It Helps People Manage Their Health During COVID-19

Here are some reasons why this technology is vital during the current Coronavirus pandemic:

Enhances family connection and alleviates loneliness through text-to-voice communication

With the current mandatory isolation and quarantine restrictions, elderly, depressed, disabled, or ill people can succumb to loneliness and depression.

Family members have never been so detached from their loved ones, and this separation can have a severe adverse impact on the mental and physical health of these at-risk persons. SOFIHUB home ensures virtual connection with your loved ones by helping you to remain in touch with them through text-to-voice alerts, reminders and greetings.

For instance, if your loved one’s bedtime is due but they are yet to sleep, or if they have forgotten to take their medication at the appointed time the device can send a voice reminder for them to carry out the necessary action. The SOFHIUB home can also send daily voice greetings to alleviate their loneliness such as “Good morning” as soon as they wake up or “Good night” just before they go to bed.

Ensures shared medication reminders.

Most senior, disabled, or seriously ill people have medication regimens to ensure their optimal health.

With old age and isolation, missing medication is easy, especially during this Coronavirus pandemic, which has distanced patients from caregivers and family members.

SOFIHUB home keeps family members and carers updated on medication times and regimens for persons under care in real-time. Whenever a family member fails to access their medication, the device sends an auto alert to the loved one to remind them to do so.

The system is also handy for reminding the elderly or mentally-challenged of necessary appointments. This way, it ensures that your loved ones do not miss essential visits to their doctor, physiotherapist, or mental health professional.

Alerts family or care providers to abnormal behaviours

As family members are now living apart and visitations are restricted, it can be hard to tell if a loved one’s mental or physical health is deteriorating.

SOFIHUB home is essential to enable you to monitor your loved one’s behaviour virtually and allows care providers to access crucial information on the behaviour of clients under their care to learn if they have missed a critical activity or medication.

A lack of crucial activities triggers alerts that tell family members or caregivers that a person needs helps. These include a failure to:

  • Exit the bathroom
  • Go to bed at the usual time
  • Take medication
  • Wake up at the usual time

Enhances independent and hospital/care-home-free living

Everyone desires to live independently despite their age or ability.

It can be disheartening to keep relying on others for your basic needs and wellbeing. This craving for independence is also essential to the elderly or disabled, as it boosts their confidence and self-esteem.

Fortunately, technologies such as SOFIHUB home are transforming lives and help people to retain their independence, despite their age, mental health, or physical ability. This device helps the senior members to remember essential daily activities, removing the need for the constant presence of a loved one.

SOFIHUB home also enhances self-reliance as it eliminates the need to visit your family member unless there is an emergency.

Get SOFIHUB home for Your Loved One Today

SOFIHUB home has proven to be a vital device during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

As people lead separate lives due to movement restrictions, this home monitoring system is helping families and caregivers to keep in touch with patients, the elderly, disabled, and mentally challenged ensuring their safety, wellbeing, and independence while protecting their health.

Contact SOFIHUB today to learn more about our flagship product, and to explore how you can get it for your loved one living at home or clients in assisted-living facilities.