Why Every Modern Healthcare and Care Provider Needs SOFIHUB pro solutions

modern health care system

Modern Health Care System

If you are an Australian healthcare and care provider, how you manage your patients must include technology if you are to meet your KPIs. Gone are the days where manual staffing, telephone support, and analogue handovers were enough to meet patients’ and residents’ healthcare needs.

In the wake of the 21st century, technology is fast becoming a pivotal part of the healthcare and aged care sectors. Data management and security is now a priority. As a healthcare or care provider, you must ensure that your patients’ or residents’ health records are safe and secure.

SOFIHUB pro solutions is among the leading technologies that are enabling Australian healthcare providers to offer seamless care services to their clients. This customisable hardware and software solution is a central system for professional healthcare and care sectors such as aged care facilities, NDIS service providers, and disability and special needs providers.

But why should you install this system in your organisation? Here, we look at the key features and benefits of SOFIHUB pro solutions and explore how it can revolutionise the care you provide to patients and residents.

modern health care system

SOFIHUB pro solutions reduces travel time and unnecessary in-person visits.

Checking on a patient or person under care can be time-consuming, mainly when dealing with the aged, disabled, or people with special needs.

Healthcare professionals can spend valuable time commuting to their patients’ addresses to handle a matter that could have been solved over the phone. However, technology such as SOFIHUB pro solutions can save organisations money and time as it enables messaging integration and alerts to existing call centre frameworks.

This system features assisted care technologies that enable you to monitor the behaviour of multiple patients or persons under care, keeping a record of each person’s waking up times, movements, sleep times, medication times, so you can know if their health is worsening and whether to visit them.

Consequently, especially for assisted living facilities or for seniors living at home, this system is life-saving as they know they are under constant supervision. Furthermore, for healthcare and care providers, this system frees up their time. It enables them to provide better, more focused care to their patients and clients, streamlining your organisation’s care delivery.

modern health care system

SOFIHUB pro solutions enhance the virtual care of clients, primarily where over-the-phone, two-way voice support could assist.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic making care and healthcare provision for the elderly and people with special needs outside of hospitals especially challenging, SOFIHUB pro solutions can mitigate some of the issues to enable your healthcare organisation to continue to serve patients and clients.

Physical visits are becoming a challenge, as healthcare professionals have been forced to limit the number of visits they can make to residents, seniors, or patients in aged-care facilities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and private homes.

SOFIHUB pro solutions is helping to bridge this gap. Today, healthcare professionals need not visit their patients or clients physically but can undertake virtual visits or provide virtual care via smart technology.

Enabling this type of socially-distanced care provision is possible via two-way voice and secure domain hosting through AWS allowing seamless consultations. Care providers can quickly and easily keep in touch with people under their care without visiting them physically.

modern health care system

SOFIHUB pro solutions frees healthcare professionals’ time, enabling them to focus on healthcare and care provision.

When taking care of the aged, disabled, or persons with special needs, the requirement to check on them regularly is central to their proper care as it ensures that they are safe and secure at every moment. These visits are not always necessary in person and may not require the constant attention of time-starved doctors, nurses, or community health providers.

SOFIHUB pro solutions provide the ability to monitor patients and clients virtually and speeds up the time it takes to make a diagnosis. It has a continuous 24/7 monitoring system and combines all of the tools of a home care monitoring system. This system passively monitors residents’ in their homes, assisted living facilities, or care homes. It uses algorithms, multiple AI, and machine learning methods to automatically send alert notifications to a centralised SOFIHUB portal if it detects abnormal behaviours.

If the care needed is urgent, healthcare professionals can quickly bring up the patient’s history on the portal and determine the case for medical intervention, calling emergency responders to speed up hospitalisation if needed. In non-urgent cases, healthcare professionals can advise family members at home or junior care providers in care or nursing homes on the necessary care protocols to assist the person in need.

All this virtual consultation is made possible without time-wasting in-person visits, due to the AI capabilities of SOFIHUB pro solutions.

SOFIHUB pro solutions promotes accountability and better health reporting

Sofihub pro solutions can create summarized activity and event reports, that can be accessed and downloaded by healthcare professionals. These reports may provide a more holistic view of physical activity as well as any anomalies recorded when used in conjunction with a patient’s medical record.

SOFIHUB pro solutions is instrumental in promoting better health management

Without better health management, your healthcare organisation can face otherwise preventable challenges. Healthcare management encompasses:

  • Analysing past medical history to determine optimal future care
  • Early intervention during emergency or care or healthcare incidences
  • Knowing whether or not to hospitalise a patient
  • Medication management

Errors like forgetting to give a patient or care resident their medicine or attending to a fallen patient or resident hours after they have experienced a fall are non-existent with SOFIHUB pro solutions alerts.

The real-time information you’ll have on your clients’ behaviour, medication history, and past hospitalisations can also help you to determine whether their health is deteriorating. It also enables early intervention and reduces the substantial medical costs that come with delayed responses and hospital admissions.

Thus the reputation of your organisation is enhanced due to efficient and patient-responsive care provision.

Getting SOFIHUB pro solutions for your healthcare organisation

SOFIHUB pro solutions is crucial for any healthcare business that wants to improve its efficiency, costs, and reputation. This customisable system enhances your healthcare organisation’s service delivery, which helps keep your clients safe and secure.

If you want to learn more about installing and integrating SOFIHUB pro solutions into your organisation’s care systems, contact our sales and training support staff today to book an in-depth consultation. We can come to your premises and give you an on-site estimate if you so prefer.