SOFIHUB secure – Why Every Adventure Lover Should Have It

SOFIHUB secure safety device - Why Every Adventure Lover Should Have It

Do you love adventure? Are you enthusiastic about cycling, hiking, bushwalking, or riding your bike in the great outdoors?

Unlike in past years, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made enjoying outdoor group activities near impossible. The Australian government has put several restrictions on group gatherings to curb the spread of the Coronavirus disease; so, if you’re planning to enjoy some outdoor exercise with friends, it may not currently be possible.

Being alone in the outdoors can be dangerous. You may encounter accidents like unexpected falls, injuries, dizziness, cardiac issues, and other impediments that can make it impossible for you to reach your family and friends in an emergency.

Here is where the SOFIHUB secure becomes essential. But what is this safety device, and why do you need it? Read on to learn more.

What is SOFIHUB secure?

SOFIHUB secure is a 4G GPS-enabled tracking device that is portable, light, incorporates two-way voice, and is waterproof. This lightweight personal alert device enables you to send out emergency or SOS alerts to multiple emergency contacts wherever you are and whenever you need help with only the touch of a button or after a fall is detected.

It comes with excellent features that enhance your security, especially in the outdoors when you’re out and about alone in remote areas. Whether you are an avid rider, cyclist, camper, jogger, or bushwalker, this 4G GPS-enabled personal safety device is a good idea to have, as it may very well save your life.

Why Should You Get SOFIHUB secure?

Undeniably, exercising is great for your body and works as an excellent stress reliever in these uncertain pandemic times where you’ve likely been cooped up indoors for months. With spring coming up, you may be tempted to go out and about and get some outdoor activities in, to make up for all the time spent indoors this year.

However, the outdoors can be dangerous, and if Murphy’s Law is anything to go by, what can go wrong will go wrong.

If you fall, get injured, experience mechanical difficulties with your bike or car, or succumb to dizziness it could hinder you to the point where you cannot call for help on your mobile phone.

In such situations, SOFIHUB secure, an easy to use mobile personal 4G GPS alert system immediately issues emergency SOS SMS to multiple contact people at the touch of a button.

Due to its global positioning and mobile network technology, this security device can pinpoint a person’s exact location. It also has an in-built speakerphone that enables immediate voice contact to registered emergency contacts speeding up the amount of time it takes to understand the help you need and get valuable medical services to you.

The Features and Benefits of SOFIHUB secure Personal Security Device

Speedy Access to Emergency Help

SOFIHUB secure enables your emergency contacts to get help to you instantly.

When you touch the SOS button, the device sends SOS alerts three emergency contacts one after the other, increasing the chances of eliciting a response.

Family members or friends receive an instant emergency SMS followed swiftly by a voice call from the secure unit. They can respond to you in good time to ascertain the assistance you need and get help to you before matters deteriorate.

Instant Location Messaging

As you walk, jog, hike, or ride through parks, or paths, forests, or the vast Australian or New Zealand outback knowing when you might be in a potentially dangerous zone can be vital.

SOFIHUB secure works to establish and monitor your movements by leveraging geofencing, which allows you to manage and customise your safe zones. This way, you’ll receive alerts whenever you leave a safe zone.

This feature also helps your friends and family to keep track of your movements and can easily see your location in real-time via our online portal, giving them peace of mind and allowing them to be involved in your outdoor activity.

Our portal is easily accessed from a computer or from our easy to use iOS or Android app.

Voice-enabled Security Alerts

Sometimes, you may find yourself in a situation where it may be impossible to place a call or ask for help using your hands. SOFIHUB secure does all the hard work for you as it comes with an inbuilt accelerometer that can detect falls instantly.

In case you fall while riding or cycling, the device immediately alerts your family or friends through an SMS and follows with a voice call within a few seconds and allows your contacts to speak to your directly ensuring that help comes to you at the right time.

Enhanced Peace of Mind

Knowing where your family member is, especially in these unnerving times comes with peace of mind.

SOFIHUB secure is GPS-enabled for exact and compatible with all national carriers ensuring nationwide mobile coverage.

This device’s ability to monitor your movements and location in real-time serves to reduces any worry your friends and family may have as you enjoy the great outdoors. And as its waterproof, you can be sure of the device working no matter the weather conditions.

Wrapping It Up

SOFIHUB secure has ushered in a new way of thinking about personal safety, not just for people who enjoy outdoor activities, but for everyone going out and about in their daily lives.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to lead isolated lives. This lightweight personal safety device is proving significant in keeping us safe and secure as we pass the time away from friends and family. If you’re a rider, cyclist, runner, or walker, this waterproof and affordable device is our ultimate safety companion and can prove crucial in protecting your overall health and safety.

Contact us today to learn more about SOFIHUB secure personal alert device and how it can help you safeguard you and your family’s safety.