The Benefits of SOFIHUB pro solutions to Healthcare Businesses

technology in healthcare

Technology in Healthcare

With COVID-19 now prevalent in almost all countries in the world, healthcare provision has changed to incorporate more technology. The use of technology in healthcare businesses is one of the takeaway lessons from this pandemic, along with the need to keep patients or care home, at-home, and assisted-living residents away from hospitals unless necessary.

The current pandemic is proving that healthcare providers can treat and monitor their patients’ or clients’ progress without hospitalising them. However, it is virtually impossible to do without the technology to support such care.

Technologies such as SOFIHUB pro solutions are helping the healthcare sector to provide cutting edge care. These technologies offer smart features that are above the capabilities of telehealth monitoring, enhancing remote healthcare delivery.

But why should you adopt SOFIHUB pro solutions into your healthcare business?

Here, we explore what SOFIHUB pro solutions are and look at some of the tangible benefits of incorporating SOFIHUB pro solutions in your healthcare businesses.

technology in healthcare

What Is SOFIHUB pro solutions?

SOFIHUB pro solutions is designed for professional care organisations such as aged care, assisted-living facilities, disability services, special needs, in-home care and NDIS services. These solutions provide family members, healthcare professionals, and care providers with valuable insights into the daily activities, health progress, and general wellbeing of their patients, clients or loved ones.

Overall, SOFIHUB pro solutions assist healthcare organisations in streamlining care delivery, protect patient safety, improve patient care, and cut costs.

Our solutions leverage system integration and technology innovation for specific patient care and financial outcomes in care environments. These include:

  • Secure domain hosting through AWS
  • Alerts and messaging integration to existing call centre frameworks for real-time care delivery
  • Customisable client portals and product co-branding for enhanced reputation
  • Ongoing sales and training support for seamless care delivery and peace of mind

The Benefits of Incorporating SOFIHUB pro solutions in Your Healthcare Business

Increase patient care levels and patient safety especially in duress situations

Monitoring patients, senior residents, or residents with special physical needs in your facility is the first line of ensuring quality healthcare.

Every healthcare or care provider must have real-time information on how their patients or clients are progressing to ensure that patient care is at appropriate levels, and patient safety is a priority.

With SOFIHUB pro solutions, the monitoring and safety healthcare providers increase the safety of patients and clients because it is a 24-hour monitoring system, which comes in handy, especially in duress situations.

Our solutions have the ability to integrate with the majority of current monitoring systems used in healthcare organisations offering real-time insights into your clients’ progress which enhances their safety and security.

Streamline care delivery with auto-voice prompts, SOS alerts, and reminders

In most cases, patients and clients that are senior or disabled may not always have access to or know how to use a smartphone to alert care providers should they need assistance. SOFIHUB pro solutions fill this gap via the use of SOS alerts, which require only one touch to summon help.

Voice prompts and reminders also help to remind patients and residents when to perform a crucial activity such as taking medication or doing some exercise. Additionally, the system alerts care providers when an anomaly occurs and prompts them to check up on their patients to ensure that they are not in distress without having to pay a personal visit.

SOFIHUB pro solutions is a cost-saving option

Is your care facility, assisted living facility or nursing home automated?

The introduction of AI, machine learning, and the internet has elevated how we provide care to patients, the aged, and special needs persons. If your facility is not smart, it can eat at your bottom line and affect your reputation.

SOFIHUB pro solutions is not difficult or expensive to install as they are scalable and integrate seamlessly with your existing care technologies. These all-in-one tools boost your client safety and cut the costs of care provision by automatically keeping detailed records of patient or resident behaviour and any changes to their routine.

This data helps to:

  • Detect deterioration in health, promoting early intervention and preventing expensive hospitalisations
  • Vocalise reminders from care providers for residents or patients to take their medication
  • Detects inactivity due to a possible fall
  • Send alert notifications following abnormal behaviours such as a failure to wake up

Enhance patient engagement and make caregiving easier for your staff

Client and patient engagement are critical in effective healthcare service delivery.

SOFIHUB pro solutions feature auto-answer and two-way capability that enables care home residents or patients to engage with the care provider 24/7. The system also eliminates reputation-damaging errors such as missed medications and delayed responses, especially after a fall, which makes the process of caregiving easier on staff, patients and family members.

Consider Getting SOFIHUB pro solutions for Your Healthcare or Care Organisation Today

SOFIHUB pro solutions have several benefits to healthcare organisations, particularly when it comes to enhancing patient safety, healthcare monitoring, reducing overheads and service delivery. This system also increases the reputation of your organisation by improving the safety and security of your patients or clients, promoting peace of mind in patients, staff, and family members.

As the solution is customisable, SOFIHUB pro solutions can integrate seamlessly with many existing aged-care or patient-care technologies you may already be using so you won’t have to worry about brand confusion. Also, our software support team can provide solutions to specific requirements and keep providing support in case of system hitches.

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