Tracking Devices for Children – Keep Your Child Safe with SOFIHUB 4G Tracking Devices

Tracking Devices for Children – Keep Your Child Safe with SOFIHUB 4G Tracking Devices

GPS tracking devices for children calm many fears that parents grapple with when it comes to the everyday safety of their children. For parents, there is nothing more essential than the happiness, safety, health and wellbeing of their child, and to protect their precious offspring.

Today’s modern world is incredibly busy and stressful for many parents. Despite precautions taken to keep children safe such as hiring vigilant babysitters and installing CCTV cameras in the home, parents can quickly lose track of their children when they are on the move.

GPS trackers are incredibly useful when it comes to ensuring child safety. 4G GPS trackers such as SOFIHUB secure serve to minimise such heartbreaking parenting mistakes and are excellent tools for parents wishing to keep track of their children’s safety at all times.

Key Features of SOFIHUB secure

The smart device boasts unique features that meet a variety of needs, such as:

  • Instant two-way and hands-free communication just like you would call a mobile phone in case of a child’s incapacitation
  • Geo-fencing that alerts parents immediately should their child leave an authorised safe zone
  • Fall detection technology resulting in SMS alert in case of an accident
  • Live GPS whereabouts and point-to-point child location tracking accessible via our online portal (iOS and Android)
  • Location history for easy tracking

Here we examine the features and benefits of these 4G tracking devices in detail and explore how you can incorporate them into your everyday lives to safeguard the safety of your children.

SOFIHUB secure – Using This 4G Tracking Device to Enhance Everyday Child Safety

GPS Tracking Devices Can Help Children In An Abduction

4G GPS tracker technology like SOFIHUB secure offers tangible solutions that help parents in finding their children in an abduction.

This GPS-enabled child monitoring device can track a child’s location and allow geo-fencing where parents can set up a virtual safe zone for their children. For instance, parents can save regular routes like the path your child takes when walking to and from school. As soon as there is a deviation, the device sends an immediate alert to the parent.

Unfortunately, many children get abducted these days, and as much as we do not like to talk about these things, threatening people with ill intentions towards children exist. GPS tracking devices for children are invaluable in preventing these incidents from happening, and managing your child’s safety in case they do happen.

4G GPS trackers like SOFIHUB secure may not prevent all child abductions, but they most certainly make your children less attractive targets. Crucially, these devices also provide an exact starting point for law enforcement to begin their investigations should an abduction occur, which can be critical in helping find your child sooner.

Enhance Your Child’s Independence: Get Automated Alerts When They Reach Home or School

With 4G GPS-enabled tracking devices for children, parents can explore giving their children some independence to build their self-confidence and self-esteem.

GPS tracking for school walks and buses can provide valuable peace of mind for parents and ensure that they are notified as soon as their children arrive at school or home every day. This added safety feature allows parents to go about their day without worry and frees them from being physically present for every parenting activity.

4G GPS Tracking Devices for Children Makes Trips and Outings Safe

Tracking devices for children like SOFIHUB secure make trips, outings, and holidays with children hassle-free. They provide a useful way of knowing where children are at all times, especially in crowded places such as airports, beaches, holiday resorts, and malls.

GPS trackers allow parents to monitor their child’s location instantly should they get separated, and in case of an accident provide an exact location as well as two-way voice communication, which reassures your child that help is on the way.

4G GPS Trackers and Wearables Can Enhance Trust and Help Monitor Children with Health Conditions

GPS trackers can be useful when holding conversations about child safety and parental responsibility with children. These devices help parents to explain to their children the purpose of GPS tracking without making them feel “under watch” and untrustworthy.

Information gathered in these devices can demonstrate the importance of child safety to children and further help them to cultivate responsible behaviours.

If you are a parent with a special needs child or a child living with a chronic health condition, these devices are invaluable. For instance, you can monitor your child with special needs in case they wander, or get alerted immediately should your child with epilepsy or diabetes suffer a fall.

Two-way communication can also enable you to speak to your child and keep them calm as medical help arrives.

Getting SOFIHUB secure for Your Child

SOFIHUB secure has revolutionised parenting by enhancing child safety without inconveniencing parents’ everyday lives.

This lightweight 4G wearable is proving invaluable in keeping children safe by enabling parents to locate their child’s location at all times, and alerting them should they leave a safe zone. Contact us today to learn more about SOFIHUB secure tracking device for children and how it can help you safeguard your child’s safety.