Wearable Personal Safety Devices: Improving the Lives of Older People

Wearable Personal Safety Devices

Older adults no longer have to fear being incapacitated in their homes with wearable personal safety devices. In case of an accident such as a fall or stroke, these devices can alert family members.

Smart alert devices also can keep older people in their homes for longer. Instead of having to go to a nursing home, they can use devices like the SOFIHUB beacon safety pendant to be safe, reassured, and independent.

Advantage of Wearable Personal Safety Devices


There are many stories of older Australians falling, getting injured, and being left in their homes for days. The protection provided by a wearable personal safety device is unparalleled. If you slip, you have the safety pendant in your pocket or around your neck to call for help.

Mental health

If you can’t afford a live-in nurse and live far from family, you might be worried about being alone. Knowing that you have a back-up device in case of an emergency can be beneficial for your mental health.

Instead of walking on eggshells, you can go about your daily life freely. In case something happens, you know that help is available at the push of a button.

How They Are Changing Older Australian’s Lives

Ability to Live Independently

Many users of wearable personal safety devices are now able to live unconcerned. With the reduction of visitors due to COVID, older adults are forced to be on their own for more extended periods. Since the elderly population is the most at risk, they also need to isolate more carefully.

Able to Stay Active

Wearable personal safety devices allow older people to move in and outside of the home carefree. Thanks to GPS tracking, their loved ones always know where they are. This encourages more senior people to stay active and healthy.

Benefits of Having the SOFIHUB beacon

Imagine you’re at home, and you fall trying to get out of bed in the morning. Maybe you’re taking a shower when you slip and fall on the floor. Instead of panic setting in, you can simply press the SOS button on your SOFIHUB wearable personal safety device.

The SOS button sends a message to your emergency contacts, then instigates a two-way phone call. You can calmly explain to your loved ones what happened, and they can either call you an ambulance or come over to help.

The SOFIHUB beacon safety pendant is a simple, effective way to stay safe and maintain peace of mind. It has nationwide 3G and 4G coverage, so you’re protected no matter where you live in Australia.

In case you fall and blackout, there is also a fall detector that will send an alert to your emergency contacts. It’s also extremely affordable and easy to use. The design is comfortable, waterproof, and discreetly black.

In Conclusion

Though we can’t predict the future, we can prepare for it. If you’re over 65 years old, a wearable personal safety device such as the SOFIHUB beacon is an investment for your well-being.

Your loved ones will have better peace of mind, and you’ll have more independence as you can live by yourself.

For more information visit www.sofihub.com and to learn more about creating a Senior-Safe Home and Aging in Place Click Here.